Marginal Prospects Podcast: Episode 13

Kiley welcomes Eno Sarris of FanGraphs to talk about his series interviewing players where he asks them both statistical and scouting questions. OF Austin Wilson of Stanford was Eno's most recent subject and the guys have a lot of thoughts about him, using him as a jumping off point to evaluate some blind spots in both approaches. Then things get goofy as Eno tries to pronounce long words.

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Kiley welcomes Eno Sarris of FanGraphs to the podcast to talk about his series of interviews with players where he seamlessly weaves scouting and stats together. His most recent subject was Stanford OF Austin Wilson, an endlessly interesting player that Kiley and Eno both have history with, a lot of opinions about, and have talked to many other baseball people about him (and the infamous Stanford Swing). They use Wilson as an example to point out blind spots in both the scouting and statistical communities and exceptions to some useful rules. At the end, Eno mentions his new endeavor to ruin beer for everyone and Kiley breaks out his most condesdencing game yet, but manages to find love in a hopeless podcast. Subscribe to Marginal Prospects on iTunes and rate/review the show to help more people find it.

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