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Kiley's already ranked almost 300 players but still has hundreds more college prospects worth noting.

2014 MLB Draft Rankings: The Scout 291, More College Prospects & More HS Prospects

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What This Means (Other Than I'm Insane)

If you think ranking 500 draft prospects is ridiculous, then I'm your guy. I ranked 291 and today I've released my worksheets of the rest of the top 10-15 round talents in college/junior college (255 more) and high school (203 more) for 749 total players. I only ranked less than half because rankings don't mean much past about 150 or so since the talent runs together, but the cutoff for the top 291 list was top 5-7 rounds, while the extras lists are prep prospects almost certainly going to college (with a chance to go in the top 5 rounds in 3 years) and the college prospects with some kind of hope to reach the majors.

The average draft board for an MLB team has 700-750 magnets total and the draft will end with under 100 players left on the board unselected. I've included some prep players on these lists that wouldn't get on many team's draft boards due to fringy talent and big bonus demands, but I'm ranking only on talent, while teams take signability into account for lower-tier prep players. The college players I didn't include are those that will go rounds 15-40, mostly signable minor league fillers from the junior college ranks or college seniors, rarely signing for over $50,000. I had to cut things off somewhere and this seemed reasonable until I realized how many players I ended up with at the end of the exercise.

How A Draft Board Works & How This Differs

Once you get to round 20 or so, teams are only pulling every other name called off their board; something like half the players drafted aren't on some teams boards, so that's how a board will only lose 100 players during a stretch when 500 were selected. There's a lot of room for interpretation when the team that's highest on a player doesn't isn't that confident he'll make it to AA. The 295 ranking has at least 50 high school players that will definitely go to school, maybe closer to 100 and when I combine all these lists into one master draft board, I'll point out which top 100-ranked prep players likely won't sign if drafted where I have them ranked. I'll only do the top 100 or so because basically any prep player rated after 200 is almost definitely going to school and I don't have the time or inclination to find out which ones will sign for low six figures because it isn't that many.

As for the notation here, I'm listing the player and school, then the college commit for the JC players, if they have one. After the name, I'll list any other positions, if it's a positional tweener or a two-way guy, the notation means they are pro prospects at both positions. For outfielders, I reference which position they profile at, if they're a clear fit for one of the three spots. The lists are presented in order of my preference, so you can make your own list by taking my top 295 and plugging in some guys from the top of each list. Once you get a ways down, obviously the order doesn't matter much as the talent is similar and fringy at best.

At the top of each group, we're basically talking about 6th-8th round type prospects that could be targets for below-slot deals in the 4th-5th rounds. There will definitely be dozens of $1,000-$10,000 way-below-slot picks possibly as high as the 4th round and down to the 10th round to conserve pool space; I'm going to miss many if not all of those and it doesn't bother me. The idea here is to list everyone that will sign for over $100,000 and these lists should cover well over 75% of those guys. There are some players near the top of their groups here (or near the end of the top 295) that are draft-eligible sophomores or college juniors with high price tags that may not even be drafted for this reason alone. With there being only 40 rounds and some clubs having to fill three short-season rosters, there aren't as many picks spent on players unsignable for their talent level, be it from high school or college.

Example Report & Video

Here's a video of Florida State lefty Bryant Holtmann, one of the top lefties on the list, to give you an idea of what to expect as a subscriber, with even more in-depth reports and video on most of the top 295. He's a 6'5/210 lefty from the Midwest with limited innings on his arm that took a step forward this year when given the chance to throw meaningful innings for an injury-ravaged Seminole rotation. The video comes from one of his best outings in multiple innings of relief at USF, where he sat 89-92 and hit 94 mph with a 77-80 mph curveball that flashed average at times. His velo dipped back into the 80's later this spring, when it was revealed he had a minor arm injury. The body is good, but the delivery is a little stiff and the command comes an goes. That said, there aren't many big lefties that hit 94 mph, so he fits in rounds 5-8 if signable there. Click on a player's name for any prior reports and/or videos.

Catchers (17)

Daniel Salters/Dallas Baptist, Cole Lankford (1B)/Texas A&M, Wayne Taylor/Stanford, Kevin Krause/Stony Brook, Garrett Boulware/Clemson, Tyler Moore/LSU Ian Rice/Chipola JC (FL)/Houston, Chase Griffin (1B)/Georgia Southern, Chris Harvey (1B)/Vanderbilt, Michael Barash/Palm Beach JC (FL), Wade Wass/Alabama, Shane Zeile/UCLA, Casey Schroeder/Polk State JC (FL)/Coastal Carolina, Alex Real/New Mexico, Jarrard Poteete/Connors State JC (OK)/Kentucky, Brian O'Keefe/St. Joseph's, Connor Lynch/Oklahoma City, Michael Strentz/Louisiana Lafayette

First Basemen (10)

Chris Marconcini/Duke, James Vasquez/UCF, Tyler Kuresa/UC Santa Barbara, Chris Gittens (RHP)/Grayson County JC (TX)/Arkansas-Little Rock, Ryan Padilla/New Mexico, Michael Katz/William & Mary, Danny Rosenbaum (3B)/Louisville, John Nogowski/Florida State, A HREF=//>Josh Dezse (RHP)/Ohio State, Ryan O'Hearn/Sam Houston State

Second Basemen (11)

Ross Kivett/Kansas State, Trent Gilbert/Arizona, Dante Flores (CF)/USC, Casey Turgeon/Florida, Steve Wilkerson/Clemson, Logan Ratledge/N.C. State, Drew Stankiewicz/Arizona State, Will Maddox/Tennessee, Jace Conrad/Louisiana Lafayette, Landon Lassiter/North Carolina, Jimmy Allen/Cal Poly

Shortstops (10)

Mitch Morales/Florida Atlantic, Chris Mariscal/Fresno State, Andrew Daniel/San Diego, Emmanuel Marrero/Alabama State, Tommy Williams/UCF, Vince Conde/Vanderbilt, Gunnar Heidt/Charleston, Corey Toups/Sam Houston State, Chesny Young/Mercer, Andrew Sohn/Western Michigan

Third Basemen (16)

Tyler Filliben/Samford, Scott Heineman (OF)/Oregon, Josh Anderson (RF)/Florida International, Nick Vilter/UC Riverside, Austin Davidson/Pepperdine, Tripp Martin (1B)/Samford, Connor Goedert/Neosho County JC (KS)/Kansas State, J.T. Phillips (RHP)/Georgia Perimeter JC (GA), Morgan Phillips/Charleston, Conner Hale (OF/1B)/LSU, Willie Schwanke (RHP)/Grayson County JC (TX), Kevin Kramer/UCLA, Connor Barron/Southern Miss, Max Kuhn/Kentucky, K.J. Hockaday (OF)/Tennessee Wesleyan, Nick Tanielu/Washington State

Outfielders (43)

Mark Laird (CF)/LSU, Mark Payton (CF)/Texas, Daniel Sweet/Polk State JC (FL)/Dallas Baptist, Ashton Perritt (RHP)/Liberty, Clint Freeman (LHP)/East Tennessee State, Zach Fish (C)/Oklahoma State, Grant Heyman/Southern Nevada JC (NV)/Oregon State, Dale Carey (CF)/Miami, Michael Suchy (RF)/Florida Gulf Coast, Jake Fincher/N.C. State, Danny Mars/Chipola JC (FL)/Florida State, Ben Moore (RF)/Alabama, Mason Robbins/Southern Miss, Sean Godfrey/Ball State, Conor Harber (RHP)/Western Nevada JC (NV)/Oregon, Austin Bousfield/Ole Miss, Tyler Palmer (LF)/Miami, Robert Pehl (LF)/Washington, Cedric Mullins (CF)/Louisburg JC (NC), Blake Drake/Concordia (OR), Tyler Spoon/Arkansas, Wes Rogers/Spartanburg Methodist JC (SC), Ashford Fulmer (CF)/Houston, Senquez Golson (Football)/Ole Miss, Daniel Spingola/Georgia Tech, Collin Shaw/Texas, Conor Costello (RHP)/Oklahoma State, Kewby Meyer (LHP)/Washington, Jo-El Bennett/Troy, Jeff Schalk (LF)/UAB, Joey Martarano (Football)/Boise State, Taylor Zeutenhorst (RHP)/Iowa, Omar Cotto/USC, Trever Allen/Arizona State, Jimmy Pickens/Michigan State, Luke Tendler/North Carolina A&T, Eudor Garcia (LF)/El Paso JC (TX), Joe Serrano/Arkansas, Aaron Mizell/Georgia Southern, Max Murphy/Bradley, Connor McKay/Kansas, Brock Maxwell/South Carolina, Hayden Simerly/Sam Houston State

Left-Handed Pitchers (28)

Bryant Holtmann/Florida State, Will Solomon/Kennesaw State, Christian Trent/Ole Miss, Justin Kamplain/Alabama, Jalen Beeks/Arkansas, Jordan Montgomery/South Carolina, Harrison Musgrave/West Virginia, Tanner Scott/Howard JC (TX)/Texas Tech, Jonathan Frebis/Middle Tennessee State, Sam Clay/Georgia Tech, Lane Ratliff/Jones County JC (MS), Tyler Gilbert/Santa Barbara JC (CA)/USC, Tyler Nurdin/Oklahoma State, Michael Gunn (1B)/Arkansas, Adam McCreery/Azusa Pacific, Patrick Peterson/N.C. State, Porter Clayton/Oregon, Michael Fagan/Princeton, Sam Hilliard/Crowder JC (MO)/Wichita State, Brandon Diaz/Broward County JC (FL), Dan Koger/Auburn, Tommy Thorpe/Oregon, Tyler Wells/Nevada, Brian Clark/Kent State, Zac Curtis/Middle Tennessee State, Blake Fox/Rice, Chris Sadberry/Texas Tech, Sterling Wynn/McLennan JC (TX)/North Carolina State

Right-Handed Pitchers (120)

Benton Moss/North Carolina, Randy LeBlanc/Tulane, Jorge Perez/Grand Canyon, Josh Prevost/Seton Hall, Lukas Schiraldi/Texas, Michael Franco/Florida International, Dean Deetz/Northeast Oklahoma A&M JC (OK)/Oklahoma, Justin Shafer (RF)/Florida, Jake Reed/Oregon, Artie Lewicki/Virginia, Jake Peter (SS)/Creighton, Carson Baranik/Louisiana Lafayette, Josh Heddinger/Georgia Tech, Luis Paula/North Carolina, Parker French/Texas, Jordan Stephens/Rice, Joe Broussard/LSU, Peter Miller/Florida State, Max Povse/UNC Greensboro, Brad Roney (3B)/Southern Miss, Sarkis Ohanian/Duke, Taylore Cherry/North Carolina, David Hill/Orange Coast JC (CA)/San Diego, Jason Jester/Texas A&M, Jonathan Holder/Mississippi State, Andrew Morales/UC Irvine, Reed Reilly/Cal Poly, Hawtin Buchanan/Ole Miss, Aaron Rhodes/Florida, Kevin Simmons/Wallace-Selma JC (AL)/West Alabama, Tejay Antone/Weatherford JC (TX)/Auburn, Jake Kelzer/Indiana, Jack English/Florida Gulf Coast, Austin Pettibone/UC Santa Barbara, Drew Van Orden/Duke, Jeremy Null/Western Carolina, , Connor Walsh/Cincinnati, Gianni Zayas/Seminole State JC (FL)/Florida International, Conor Krauss/Seton Hall, A HREF=//>Trevor Oaks/Cal Baptist

Right-Handed Pitchers (Cont'd)

Robert Winemiller/Case Western, Trey Cochran-Gill/Auburn, David Hess/Tennessee Tech, Joel Seddon/South Carolina, James Carter/Chabot JC (CA)/UC Santa Barbara, Scott Schultz/Oregon State, Andro Cutura/Southeastern Louisiana, J.P. Feyereisen/Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Logan Jernigan/N.C. State, Andres Gracia/Samford, Brent Honeywell/Walters State JC (TN), Dan Altavilla/Meryhurst (PA), Michael Clemens/McNeese State, Joe Filomeno/Louisville, Cameron Tekker/Virginia, Taylor Lewis/Chipola JC (FL)/Florida, Dalton Viner/San Jacinto JC (TX), Michael Peterson/Riverside JC (CA), Andrew Istler/Duke, Dusty Isaacs/Georgia Tech, Matt Grimes/Georgia Tech, Brock Dykxhoorn/Central Arizona JC (AZ), David Berg/UCLA, Luke Eubank/Oxnard JC (CA)/Wichita State, Jon Richy/UNLV, Andrew Rohrbach/Long Beach State, Paul Voelker/Dallas Baptist, Tyler Eppler/Sam Houston State, Tanner Chleborad/Washington State, Sean Carley/West Virginia, Austen Williams/Texas State, Nathan Thornhill/Texas, Corey Miller/Pepperdine, Evan Beal/South Carolina, Gandy Stubblefield/Texas A&M, Jake Ehret/UCLA, Dan Savas/Illinois State, Tyler Poole/Coastal Carolina, Peter Lenstrohm/Tennessee, Matt Troupe/Arizona

Right-Handed Pitchers (Cont'd)

Preston Guillory/Panola JC (TX)/TCU, Koda Glover/Eastern Oklahoma State JC (OK)/Oklahoma State, Tyler Cyr/Embry Riddle, Michael Taylor/Marshall, Rocky McCord/Auburn, Storm Rynard/Cowley County JC (KS)/Wichita State, Tyler Bolton/East Carolina, David Lucroy/East Carolina, Parker Ray/Texas A&M, Tanner Griggs/Angelina JC (TX)/Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Holden Helmink/San Jacinto JC (TX), Brad Wallace/Arkansas State, Matt Pope/Walters State JC (TN), Steven Kane/Cypress JC (CA)/Tennessee, Hayden Barnett/LSU Eunice JC (LA), Luke Crumley/Georgia, Cole Pitts/Georgia Tech, Andrew Woeck/North Carolina State, Corey Ray/Texas A&M, Scott Baker/Ball State, Eric Dorsch/Kent State, Dillon Newman/Baylor, Aaron Garza/Houston, Adam Hall/Xavier, Jake Whaley/Kansas State, Greg Milhorn/Louisiana Lafayette, Phil Maton/Louisiana Tech, Alex Massey/Tulane, Mick VanVossen/Michigan State, Ben Meyer/Minnesota, John Miles/Missouri, Colby Blueberg/Nevada, Tyler Mapes/Tulane, Matt Trowbridge/Central Michigan, Mike Urbanski/SUNY Binghamton, Ryan Powers/Miami (OH), Taylor Nunez/Southern Miss, Adam Dian/Pittsburgh, Adam Parks/Liberty, Austin Stone/Baylor

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