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Kiley shares reports and video on some fringe first round prospects for tomorrow's draft.

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For the formal explanation of all the notation used here, click on one of the report groups from the top 30 in the above block of links. I didn't want to put the whole intro on every report article and make you scroll, but I did for the first 10 articles if anything below is a little confusing. To the meaty stuff:

31. Michael Kopech, RHP, Mount Plesant HS (TX), Arizona commit

6'4/190, R/R, 18.10 on Draft Day

Fastball: 65/70, Curveball: 50/55+, Changeup: 45/50, Command: 45/50

Scouting Report: Kopech has the age, body and arm speed (90-93, touching 95) that scouts love, but there was length to his arm action and delivery last summer, which hurt his command and off-speed. He's cleaned the delivery up a bit and one scouting director said he looked "like a different guy" this spring, sitting 93-96 mph with a sharper breaking ball. The arm action is still a bit long and there's not quite the feel you want yet, but the stuff is overwhelming and could get even better.

Take A Step Back: Checks most of the prep pitcher boxes, but a couple critiques have him in the last first area. As I've said with other typical prep arms, you know the risk (flameout) and upside (Hunter Harvey type rocket post-draft).

Projected Role: #3/4 Starter or Closer, 55-60 FV

32. Erick Fedde, RHP, UNLV

6'4/175, R/R, 21.28 on Draft Day

Fastball: 60/65, Slider: 55/60, Changeup: 45/50, Command: 45/50

Scouting Report: Fedde was creeping into the top 10 picks with a solid spring until his elbow popped and he underwent Tommy John surgery weeks ago. Aggressive teams in the back half of the 1st round will kick the tires, since the surgery works over 80% of the time. Fedde was sitting 92-95 and hitting 96 or 97 mph at his best, with a slider that was plus at times and enough changeup and feel to profile in a rotation.

Take A Step Back: If you account for the risk by shaving a bit off his upside, there's still mid-rotation stuff but there are some concerns about Fedde's slight build and missing the next year, so he might belong with the advanced prep arms, value-wise.

Projected Role: #3/4 starter, 55-60 FV

33. Casey Gillaspie, 1B, Wichita State

6'4/240, B/L, 21.10 on Draft Day

Hit: 55/55, Power: 60/60+, Run: 40/40, Field: 45/45+, Throw: 45/45

Scouting Report: Gillaspie's older brother Conor went in the top 50 picks a few years back to the Giants and Casey fits in the same general range. He's a really big first baseman with at least plus raw power from both side and enough feel to hit to get to it in games. The issue is that guys this big often lose flexibility and that hit tool regresses quicker than you'd like. Also, a 55 bat and 60+ power is still just a solid average regular at 1B and there is no margin for error with a bat-only prospect. That said, his numbers this year in a decent conference were insane along with a .321-8 homer run last summer on the Cape, so the stats-influenced rooms should be on board in the last third of the first round.

Take A Step Back: Big first baseman might have some longer-term risk, but checks all the boxes for the 3-5 year window. I might be a little low on him at 33.

Projected Role: Solid Average Regular, 50-55 FV

34. Spencer Adams, RHP, White County HS (GA), Georgia commit

6'4/180, R/R, 18.14 on Draft Day

Fastball: 55/60, Slider: 50/55, Changeup: 45/55, Command: 45/50

Scouting Report: White was a scout favorite on the showcase circuit, as an athletic, young righty that flashed three above average pitches at times with a fluid delivery and some feel. The stuff would fade at times and he tinkered with the breaking ball too much, but the 6'4 hoops player (who can dunk) took a step forward this spring, sitting 90-94 and hitting 96 mph at times, though not using the changeup scouts had seen over the summer. Another prep arm that checks a lot of boxes, but my main concern is that his fastball was straight and up at those higher velocities and his narrow, thin frame may not be able to hold much more added bulk.

Take A Step Back: Again, a prep arm that checks a lot of boxes, has some feel and has improved over the last year, but may not have the practical upside some are saying.

Projected Role: #3/4 starter, 55-60 FV

35. Aramis Garcia, C, Florida International

6'2/200, R/R, 21.40 on Draft Day

Hit: 55/50+, Power: 45/45+, Run: 35/35, Field: 45/50, Throw: 55/55

Scouting Report: Garcia was a known prospect entering the spring, who was barely worth scouts' attention in high school but had gotten much stronger in his first two years at FIU. This spring he rake, including a scorching hot streak to start the year for the upstart Panthers, though Garcia and the club cooled off down the stretch. He has the tools to stick behind the plate and enough power to project for 12-15 homer. The issue is whether his bat will play, as it isn't the most fluid cut in the world, but he makes it work for him and profiles as an everyday guy if that comes through in pro ball.

Take A Step Back: It isn't pretty or crazy athletic and Garcia could be an under-the-radar guy until he pops up in the big leagues and grabs an everyday job.

Projected Role: Solid Average Regular, 50-55 FV

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