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Kiley shares reports and video on some fringe first round prospects for tomorrow's draft.

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For the formal explanation of all the notation used here, click on one of the report groups from the top 30 in the above block of links. I didn't want to put the whole intro on every report article and make you scroll, but I did for the first 10 articles if anything below is a little confusing. To the meaty stuff:

46. Marcus Wilson, CF, Serra HS (CA), Arizona State commit

6'2/175, R/R, 17.81 on Draft Day

Hit: 50/50, Power: 40/45+, Run: 60/60+, Field: 50/55, Throw: 45/45

Scouting Report: Athletic, toolsy, projectable up the middle bat has been seen a lot by scouts, at a powerhouse SoCal high school and at nearly every event this summer. Some, including myself are still not sold he can hit, but it isn't so bad you can say he can't hit. Along with that, Wilson is one of the younger kids in the class and held his own all summer at the plate with legit center field skills. Could still put on 10-15 pounds, so the projection opens up possibilities and risk.

Take A Step Back: Stop me if you've heard this, but we've got a prep bat that checks most of the boxes but has one concern that makes you hesitate. Even I'm getting sick of me at this point.

Projected Role: Solid Average Regular, 50-55 FV

47. Justus Sheffield, LHP, Tullahoma HS (TN), Vanderbilt commit

5'11/195, L/L, 18.06 on Draft Day

Fastball: 50/55, Curveball: 50/55, Changeup: 55/55+, Command: 45/50+

Scouting Report: Has been seen a ton by scouts and I think I've seen him pitch at least six times over the last two years, in part due to his older brother, Vanderbilt righty Jordan Sheffield, who pitched on the same high school and travel teams and attracted scouts last draft season. At his best, Justus sits 90-93 and hits 95 mph with above average offspeed and command and belongs 20 spots higher than this. The problem is, this spring, for the first time in his life, Sheffield showed bad command and he did it at least 2-3 times in front of high level scouts. He apparently sat 92-95 in a late playoff start down the stretch, so he might be too low, but I was at one of the bad starts this spring (lower video), so I'm keeping it conservative.

Take A Step Back: A little athletic lefty that's young for the class, has been seen a ton and does everything above average with no injury concerns should be an easy evaluation but this spring has made it hard to pound the table for Sheffield.

Projected Role: #4 Starter, 55 FV

48. Michael Gettys, CF, Gainesville HS (GA), Georgia commit

6'2/205, R/R, 18.62 on Draft Day

Hit: 45/45, Power: 45/50+, Run: 65/65, Field: 55/60, Throw: 70/70

Scouting Report: Huge talent is a top 5 round prospect on the mound, where he's hit 95 mph with an above average hook, but the inconsistent velo and high effort has scout preferring him as a hitter. He was great early in showcase season, showing plus-plus bat speed, foot speed and arm strength. Gettys then had a ton of trouble hitting in games, only showing flashes of recognizing off-speed and squaring the ball up regularly. He's got tools-inclined clubs in the 30's interested, while other clubs have him even lower than I do.

Take A Step Back: Very risky but very high upside bat with reliever backup plan. This one could end a lot of different ways and many of them would be disappointing.

Projected Role: Solid Average Regular, 50-55 FV

49. Monte Harrison, CF, Lee's Summit West HS (MO), Nebraska commit (FB)

6'2/195, R/R, 18.82 on Draft Day

Hit: 45/45, Power: 45/50+, Run: 60/60, Field: 50/55, Throw: 55/55

Scouting Report: Primary football player signed with Nebraska to play wide receiver, but showed enough over the summer to get teams interested. He took a step forward physically this spring and having limited baseball experience allowed clubs to ignore some rawness and dream. I'm not one of them, but the solid-average power in center field profile is enticing for Harrison and Gettys if they can hit. I'm not a huge fan of Harrison's vertical hands load as it lengthens his swing, but he's early enough in his development that a club may be able to fix that. Harrison will sign if taken in the top 50 picks as expected, possibly as high as 15.

Take A Step Back: Risky prep bat but at least has the excuse of limited baseball reps.

Projected Role: Solid Average Regular, 50-55 FV

50. Jacob Gatewood, 3B, Clovis HS (CA), USC commit

6'4/190, R/R, 18.69 on Draft Day

Hit: 40/40+, Power: 50/65, Run: 50/45+, Field: 45/50, Throw: 55/55

Scouting Report: This is the sweet spot for risky upside prep bats as Gatewood is the riskiest and most upsidiest. He flashes 65 raw power in BP with a projectable frame that could still add more pop with expected added strength. Gatewood plays short but fits at third base long-term, though he's a little awkward defensively at times. The question here is can Gatewood hit and at a high profile Area Code Games appearance last summer, he hit an unprecedentedly-bad 0-for-11 and somehow looked even worse than that. He showed some growth at the plate at NHSI this spring (below video) and even caught fire for a stretch after that back in NorCal. Teams are on him mostly in the 20's and 30's, with some putting him even father below where I have him.

Take A Step Back: Super risky, super high upside.

Projected Role: Career could literally be anything. I'll let you decide this one (throws hands up and leaves room).

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