Final 2015 MLB Mock Draft, Picks 1-105

With only a few hours to go before the start of the 2015 MLB Draft, Jeff Ellis chimes in with his predictions for the first 105 picks.

Editor’s Note: In a mock this long it naturally means more picks but less analysis. I went based off of rumors I have been told and read. I left off certain players because they are hard commits like Tristan Beck and Mitchell Hansen. I also had no idea where to put Justin Hooper with his reported $4 million demands. Other guys just fell because there are so many prep right-handers and only so much money. Any of them could be drafted because I don’t know for sure who teams love and it takes one team to pop a guy. I think any of them could still be drafted but the cost is going to be big and I have heard nothing concrete on the players I excluded.

For fun I added the last 30 picks with no analysis. Last year I got two right. I’m hoping to do as well this year. As a reminder, click here for all of our draft content from the past year. Now on to the picks!

Round One

1. Arizona Diamondbacks – Dansby Swanson SS Vanderbilt
This seems the most likely pick. There is no advantage to go way slot under since they don’t pick again until 43. They get one of the top players, and a safer player at that. They will still save more than $3 million here.

2. Houston Astros – Alex Bregman 2B/SS LSU
Bregman was the SEC shortstop of the year over Swanson. The Astros seem set on a shortstop here knowing the top three will be gone by pick five. If they go college here expect prep bat at 5.

3. Colorado Rockies – Brendan Rodgers SS Lake Mary HS (FL)
It will be easier to find an interesting arm at 28 than it will be to find a bat. Rodgers is a top-three player on any board and the top prep player. He could be the first shortstop since Troy Tulowitzki to have plus right-handed power.

4. Texas Rangers – Dillon Tate RHP UC Santa Barbara
The Rangers typically go high-upside prep players. Tate is about as high upside as one can get even if he is a college arm. His stock has faded a bit but he has a chance to be a frontline starter with big velocity.

5. Houston Astros – Kyle Tucker OF Plant HS (FL)
They know Tucker having scouted and drafted his brother. He is the number two prep bat on most boards. They could take Daz Cameron or Andrew Benintendi, but I think it will be Tucker.

6. Minnesota Twins – Daz Cameron OF Eagle’s Landing HS (GA)
Cameron is one of the three players most linked to the Twins. They drafted the son of a former major leaguer a year ago and have had a tendency to grab high-upside prep players early. The industry seems much lower on Cameron than teams are. He seems a likely top-10 pick.

7. Boston Red Sox – Andrew Benintendi OF Arkansas
Benintendi seems to be the pick for the Red Sox, who are favoring college bats. Before the last two years, Boston had been a conservative in the first round. Benintendi seems to be their target, but could go Carson Fulmer here.

8. Chicago White Sox – Carson Fulmer RHP Vanderbilt
Fulmer is a pitcher with plus stuff and an excellent track record but with a lot of effort to his delivery and that causes some to think he is a future bullpen arm. Back in 2010, the same things were said about Chris Sale who fell out of the top 10. Fulmer is a local kid for the White Sox who should move quickly and if the White Sox do one thing very well, it’s developing pitchers.

9. Chicago Cubs – Tyler Jay LHP Illinois
I think the Cubs are going to sit here and see who falls to them. They are in position to take the best player available. I was told despite many reports to the contrary that they want an arm here. There is still a chance they grab Walker Buehler or James Kaprielian but think Jay is too good to pass on.

10. Philadelphia Phillies – Ian Happ 2B/OF Cincinnati
The Phillies are being reported to be on upside players which was their old draft approach. Quick to the majors college guys was the approach they showed last year. They have been connected to many up-the-middle guys. Happ is the best one to me although they could grab Kevin Newman here, as he is safer.

11. Cincinnati Reds – Trenton Clark OF Richland HS (Tex)
Clark is a hot name connected to a lot of teams. The Reds have been a team that looks to grab athletic players early the past few years. Clark has a lot of tools that, especially if he can stick in center, will make him special.

12. Miami Marlins – Jon Harris RHP Missouri State
The Marlins would like Trenton Clark or Kyle Tucker to fall here and I am not sure that happens. I think they could grab an arm and Harris would be a good value. If they grab an arm, it will be a college guy who could move quicker. They often target Midwest or Oklahoma/Texas players. Missouri is right between those two areas.

13. Tampa Bay Rays – Kevin Newman SS Arizona
The Rays have been very forthright with their desire to add a shortstop. If they were looking to add one, Kevin Newman makes the most sense at this pick. Shortstops naturally rise on draft boards but the talk prior to this draft is that shortstops are going to go early and often.

14. Atlanta Braves – Tyler Stephenson C Kennesaw Mountain HS (GA)
When Atlanta GM John Hart was GM of the Cleveland Indians, he spent several high picks on prep arms and more than a few on catchers. Stephenson could be a future All-Star, but it should be noted there is no bigger risk in the draft than a prep catcher.

15. Milwaukee Brewers – Brady Aiken LHP IMG Academy
All the sudden word is filtering out the medicals on Aiken may not be all doom and gloom. The Brewers are reportedly going to take best player available with three picks in the top 55, and this seems like a good place to gamble.

16. New York Yankees - James Kaprielian RHP UCLA
All spring, the reports were on the Yankees and prep players. Yet a year ago they spent a total of one pick on a prep player in the top-10 rounds. Now there are reports they are in on college arms. Kaprielian is a safe pick who is surging late in the process.

17. Cleveland Indians – Walker Buehler RHP Vanderbilt
Most reports on the Indians have had them linked to arms, notably prep arms. They have not taken a prep arm with their top pick since 2001. Buehler is sliding because of size concerns along with some shaky games of late. The Indians seem to target undersized players as a market inefficiency. Buehler would fit the mold.

18. San Francisco Giants – Cody Ponce RHP Cal Poly Pomona
The Giants board is always a bit different than everyone else’s. I have a hard time getting a read on them but they have been tied to California kids and college arms. Ponce has surged a bit of late.

19. Pittsburgh Pirates – Cornelius Randolph 3B Griffin HS (GA)
The Pirates will take the top player who falls. Randolph is a prep bat who has been rumored to go as high as the Reds at 11.

20. Oakland A’s – Donnie Dewees OF North Florida
The A’s have drafted a college player in 24 of their last 28 first-round selections. Of those 24 selections, 17 have been college bats. The A’s have been linked to Dewees, who put up some of the best numbers in the country against weaker competition. The only major knock on him is the level he played at.

21. Kansas City Royals – Phil Bickford RHP Southern Nevada
Bickford was a player the Royals were in on back in the 2013 draft. They get another chance to draft him here. He is one of the players who could conceivably be used as a bullpen arm to help a team that is contending late in the year.

22. Detroit Tigers – Donny Everett RHP Clarksville HS (TN)
I have not heard any connection with Everett and the Tigers, yet he fits what the Tigers like as a big-bodied pitcher with easy velocity. He has some of the best velocity of any arm in this draft.

23. St. Louis Cardinals – Kolby Allard LHP San Clemente HS (CA)
The Cardinals always seem to have arms and one of the reasons is that they draft a lot of them. They spent their top-six picks on arms last year. Allard is just too good a value to pass on. The Cardinals are a conservative drafting team but they have taken a few prep arms in the past. They grabbed an undersized lefty in Rob Kaminsky in 2013 so Allard’s size won’t be an issue.

24. Los Angeles Dodgers – Mike Matuella Duke
Everyone thinks the Dodgers will grab on of the injured arms here. The Dodgers can take the risk on the upside. They bought a second rounder basically in a deal with the Orioles. They buy top-end Cuban talent and can go way over pool in Latin America. The money gives them more chances, so why not gamble on a guy who was a potential number one overall talent?

25. Baltimore Orioles – Chris Betts C Wilson HS (CA)
Betts could easily go about 10 picks higher. The Orioles have been linked mostly to bats and are a team that traditionally leans towards prep talent. Betts might have to move to first but his bat is one of the best among the prep class.

26. Los Angeles Angels – Blake Trahan SS Louisiana, Lafayette
The Angels want a shortstop. I was told Trahan is their guy if he is there. They have him higher rated than Kevin Newman. He has more pop than Newman, which could be part of the reason they prefer him.

Compensation Round

27. Colorado Rockies –Mike Nikorak RHP Stroudsburg (PA)
The Rockies were high on Nikorak early in the process. After grabbing a bat earlier, they will look for an arm.

28. Atlanta Braves – Juan Hillman LHP Olympia HS (FL)
Hillman is an arm with connections to the Braves. He is a lefty who needs to add mass but has hit 95 and has developed secondary stuff, so he is not going to last on the board long.

29. Toronto Blue Jays – Garrett Whitley OF Niskayuna HS (NY)
The Blue Jays go prep as often as any team at least until last year. Whitley is too good a value at this pick and fits the Jays desire to add high-upside athletes.

30. New York Yankees – D.J. Stewart OF FSU
This is a pick that is rumored to be a done deal right now. Stewart has been highly productive in school and would fit with the Yankees conservative drafting approach of late.

31. San Francisco Giants – Nick Plummer OF Brother Rice HS (MI)
I am a big Plummer fan and the Giants are a team that is tied to him. After grabbing a college arm, I think this pick would make the most sense and be an incredible value.

32. Pittsburgh Pirates – Austin Smith RHP Park Vista HS (FL)
I was trying to figure out what arm makes sense here. The Pirates like velocity and Smith has some of the easiest in the draft.

33. Kansas City Royals – Ke’Bryan Hayes 3B Concordia Lutheran HS (TX)
The Royals have been tied to multiple prep third basemen. Hayes is one of them and makes sense value-wise here.

34. Detroit Tigers – Jacob Nix RHP IMG Academy
I was told early in the process Nix was a guy high on the Tigers’ board. He fits the mold for them, which is big bodied arms or twitchy athletes.

35. Los Angeles Dodgers – Drew Finley RHP Rancho Bernardo HS (CA)
I was told that if Finley is here, he will be the pick. I was not sure if they would take him because his dad is a higher up in the Dodgers’ front offiec.

Competitive Balance Round A

36. Baltimore Orioles – Nathan Kirby LHP Virginia
After going for a prep bat, they can get the local kid here at 36. Kirby’s year was inconsistent and then the injury caused a drop, but there is a ton of value right here for the Orioles, as at one point Kirby looked like a top-5 pick. He is also in play to the Indians, but there are concerns his lat injury is a tear.

37. Houston Astros – Thomas Eshelman RHP Cal-State, Fullerton
There is lots of Eshelman buzz coming out late. He is going to move very quickly. I think he could be in the majors with in two years. After grabbing a pair of bats, the Astros are going to look for an arm here.

38. Colorado Rockies – Kyle Funkhouser RHP Louisville
Funkhouser could go a lot higher. As I write this, I am watching him dominate in the Super Regional. The issue is some teams asked to see his medicals after his stuff was down in May and were refused by his advisor Scott Boras. The fact that they are denying all medicals will cause some teams to drop him. He is another guy who was linked to Colorado before, and with all of their picks they can afford Funkhouser here.

39. St. Louis Cardinals – Richie Martin SS Florida
Martin looks like a first-round lock. He is linked to many teams. The Cardinals make a lot of sense for the speedy shortstop. I think the Cards will look to add a bat and they have taken shortstops early and often over the years.

40. Milwaukee Brewers – Christin Stewart OF Tennessee
Stewart is a guy who I have heard some talk will end up in round one after a very good junior year where his power emerged. The Brewers are another team linked to Nick Plummer and Stewart is a similar build guy with the same defensive short comings.

41. Atlanta Braves – Jalen Miller Riverwoods HS (GA)
Miller would make seven players who are expected to play shortstop taken in the top 41. He has been linked to Atlanta for months in this spot, if not earlier.

42. Cleveland Indians – Scott Kingery 2B Arizona
The Indians look for up-the-middle talent earlier and last year went back and forth between bats and arms. Kingery would clearly be the top bat on my personal board who is an up the middle talent. There is an outside chance of Josh Naylor here as well.

Round 2

43. Arizona Diamondbacks – Nolan Watson North HS (IN)
The Diamondbacks have been linked to arms and shortstops here. I think if they don’t take Dansby Swanson, they will hope to get Martin here. They could also look at Luken Baker or a player with right-handed power potential since it was a common theme with the prep guys they were linked to like Garrett Whitley and Tyler Stephenson.

44. Colorado Rockies – Mikey White SS Alabama
White is more than likely a second baseman in the future. He is connected to the Rockies and is rumored to be another possible first-rounder because there is a chance he can play short.

45. Texas Rangers – Chad Smith OF Gwinnett HS (GA)
Smith to the Rangers has been a known rumor since March. Either it’s an advisor trying to increase value or Smith is really all but assured to go here on Monday.

46. Houston Astros - Ashe Russell RHP Cathedral HS (IN)
This pick is just the Astros having money and grabbing the top prep arm on the board. Russell could go anywhere from the teens to the early second round.

47. Chicago Cubs – Eric Jenkins OF West Columbus (NC)
The Cubs were linked to a lot of athletic outfielders early. If they go for an arm early, I expect them to grab an athletic outfielder here. Jenkins has been heavily tied to the Jays but fits here, as well.

48. Philadelphia Phillies – Kyle Cody RHP Kentucky
The Phillies have been tied to Cody, who is a big strong player who has struggled with inconsistency. He has rebounded well and pitched better over the second half of the year.

49. Cincinnati Reds – Josh Naylor 1B St. Joan of Arc (ONT)
Naylor is a hot name of late. The Reds are one of the teams that have been mentioned with Naylor. I feel like he could easily be gone by this point, if the rumors are true. He is the player most likely to shock people by where he gets drafted on draft day.

50. Florida Marlins – Bryce Denton OF Ravenwood HS (TN)
If the Marlins get a polished college arm early, I expect them to come back here and get a prep bat. Denton has some of the best bat speed in the draft. The Marlins are also linked to a lot of prep arms.

51. San Diego Padres - Josh Staumont RHP Azusa Pacific
San Diego GM A.J. Preller comes from Texas and the Rangers were all about taking big risks with early picks. Staumont has big velocity, hitting 101 but the command has been troubling: 54 walks in 68 innings. He has been linked to a lot of teams early. He could start because of size and delivery but I would bet against it his command is one of the worst of any college pitcher with an early grade and he doesn’t have a usable third pitch.

52. Tampa Bay Rays – Alex Young LHP TCU
Young is a good value for a team that grabbed a bat with their first pick. Young is in play from the late 20s on.

53. New York Mets – Kyle Holder SS San Diego
Holder is a top athlete and the top current defensive shortstop in this draft. The Mets tend to lean towards college players.

54. Atlanta Braves – Tanner Rainey 1B/RHP West Alabama
Another well-known rumor is that this is a promised selection. Rainey is a two-way guy who has had a ton of helium thanks to his velocity. He needs a lot work on his secondary stuff and he turns 23 this year.

55. Milwaukee Brewers – Dakota Chalmers RHP North Forsyth HS (GA)
This is a best-player available situation. Chalmers is a guy who could go higher, but there is just a lot of right-handed prep pitchers, so a total eye-of-the-beholder deal in terms of who ends up where.

56. Toronto Blue Jays – Jacob Woodford RHP Plant HS (FL)
The Blue Jays have had a lot of success with prep arms. The have taken a prep player in the second round every year since 2004 and the last six picks have been prep arms. Woodford has late buzz, and the teammate of Kyle Tucker is going no later than round two and could sneak into round one.

57. New York Yankees – Brady Singer Eustis HS (FL)
The Yankees have been tied to a lot of prep arms. Here in the second round will be the perfect place to grab a right-hander of their choice. Right-handed prep arms are a very deep pool in this draft.

58. Washington Nationals – Kep Brown Wando HS (SC)
The Nationals have a long history of taking injured talent. Brown is a huge 6’5” outfielder who missed most of the spring. He has big-time power upside but his hit and miss will scare off teams.

59. Cleveland Indians - Beau Burrows RHP Weatherford HS (TX)
Burrows will fall a bit because he is an undersized right-hander at 6’1”. The fact he is maxed out is something the Indians actually seem to look for in prep arms early. After taking back-to-back college guys, I would assume they would look for a prep arm here.

60. Seattle Mariners – Chris Shaw 1B Boston College
The Mariners are a team that has not had issues drafting first basemen early and also tends to lean more conservative. If not for injury, then Shaw is not here, so this is a good value for the Mariners in terms of preseason value.

61. San Francisco Giants - Tyler Nevin 3B Poway High School (CA)
The Giants have been tied to a lot of players in California. I have not heard them on Nevin, in particular, but he would represent value at this pick.

62. Pittsburgh Pirates – Joe McCarthy OF Virginia
McCarthy’s numbers aren’t good because he is recovering from a back injury. He has been tied to the Pirates. The Pirates have shown some interest in him during the process but also linked to several prep arms in round 2.

63. Oakland Athletics – Andrew Suarez LHP Miami
Oakland has leaned towards college players in round two. The last prep player they took here was in 2010. Suarez would fit the mold for them as a well-known left-hander, a bit reminiscent of the Dillon Overton pick a few years ago.

64. Kansas City Royals – Alonzo Jones 2B Columbus HS (GA)
The Royals have built a team with speed and defense. No one in this draft as more speed than Jones, it is a legit 80-grade tool.

65. Detroit Tigers – Riley Ferrell RHP TCU
The Tigers’ window is starting to close and grabbing the top college reliever, a guy who could help them later this year, would not be a bad idea. I say this as someone who never puts a sure closer in his top-75. Ferrell was better last year but is still the top bullpen arm.

66. St. Louis Cardinals – Demi Orimoloye OF St. Matthew HS (ONT)
The Cardinals in the second round don’t have a set method. Orimoloye is a massive talent literally and figuratively. He is 6’4” player with potential plus right-handed power. He is far away but the payoff could be huge.

67. Los Angeles Dodgers – Taylor Ward C Fresno State
After having the Dodgers take a pair of arms, I think they will go bat here. Ward is a California prospect who is part of a very limited catching class. He would be a safe value pick here.

68. Baltimore Orioles – Triston McKenzie RHP Royal Palm Beach (FL)
The Orioles love prep arms. I can’t see them not drafting one in their top-three picks. McKenzie is a high-upside guy who would make sense.

69. Washington Nationals – Andrew Stevenson CF LSU
The Nationals are a more conservative drafting team. Since 2008, they have only drafted college players in round two. Stevenson is a highly productive centerfielder who is the best defensive centerfielder in this draft.

70. Los Angeles Angels – Peter Lambert RHP San Dimas HS (CA)
The Angels have been all over in-state talent. Lambert is one of the top pitchers in California and would make sense here after grabbing the college bat in round one.

Competitive Balance B

71. Cincinnati Reds – Jahmai Jones 2B Wesleyan HS (GA)
The Reds have not spent a second round pick on a pitcher since 2006. Jones is a favorite of mine who would be one of the top bats left on the board.

72. Seattle Mariners – Lucas Herbert C San Clemente (CA)
Since 1998, the Mariners have spent one pick in round two on a pitcher. Herbert is the top defensive prep catcher in this class. He could go a lot higher because of positional scarcity.

73. Minnesota Twins – Jeff Degano LHP Indiana State
Last year in rounds 2-5 the Twins drafted projected or current relievers. They have spent their last five second round picks on college pitchers. Degano is an interesting lefty who would be one of the top arms left.

74. Los Angeles Dodgers – Cadyn Grenier SS Bishop Gorman (NV)
Grenier is another player in this draft who I would project to stick at short. The Dodgers have so much depth everywhere but if they could use a little more in one area it might be short. Grenier would be a good value at a valuable position here.

75. Atlanta Braves – Trey Cabbage 3B Grainger HS (TN)
Cabbage is a guy who was thought to go much higher than this before the season began. He has been connected to the Braves throughout the process.

Round 3

76. Arizona Diamondbacks – Luken Baker 1B/SP Oak Ridge HS (TX)
77. Colorado Rockies – Kevin Duchene LHP Illinois
78. Texas Rangers – Harrison Bader OF Florida
79. Houston Astros – Mac Marshall LHP Chipola JC
80. Minnesota Twins – Brandon Lowe 2B Maryland
81. Boston Red Sox – Bryan Hudson LHP Alton HS (IL)
82. Chicago Cubs – Cole Sands RHP North Florida Christian School
83. Philadelphia Phillies – Casey Hughston OF Alabama
84. Cincinnati Reds – Nick Neidert Peachtree Ridge (GA)
85. Miami Marlins – Justin Maese RHP Ysleta HS (TX)
86. San Diego Padres – Nick Shumpert SS Highlands Ranch HS (CO)
87. Tampa Bay Rays – Antonio Santillan RHP Seguin HS (TX)
88. New York Mets – Skye Bolt OF UNC
89. Atlanta Braves – David Hill RHP San Diego
90. Milwaukee Brewers – Austin Rei C Washington
91. Toronto Blue Jays – Luke Wakamatsu SS Keller HS (TX)
92. New York Yankees – Mariano Rivera Jr. RHP Iona
93. Cleveland Indians – Nick Madrigal SS Elk Grove HS (CA)
94. Seattle Mariners – Mike Soroka RHP Bishop Carroll (ALB)
95. San Francisco Giants – Mark Mathias 2B Cal-Poly
96. Pittsburgh Pirates – Brettt Lilek LHP Arizona State
97. Oakland Athletics – Kyle Twomey LHP USC
98. Kansas City Royals – Ryan McKenna OF St. Thomas Aquinas HS (NH)
99. Detroit Tigers – Doak Dozier OF Arlington Heights (TX)
100. St. Louis Cardinals – Tate Matheny OF Missouri State
101. Los Angeles Dodgers – Gio Brusa OF Pacific
102. Baltimore Orioles – Steven Duggar OF Clemson
103. Washington Nationals – Kevin Kramer SS UCLA
104. Los Angeles Angels – Ryan Burr RHP Arizona State
105. St. Louis Cardinals – Jacob Taylor RHP Pearl River CC

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