WARD: MLB Mock Draft 2.0

Will Hunter Greene become the first prep right-handed pitcher to go first overall, or will it be Louisville's two-way stud, Brendan McKay? Draft Expert, Taylor Blake Ward, provides you with all the information you need with his second mock draft


CLICK HERE for Scouting Baseball's Mock Draft 1.0, a combination draft from Jeff Ellis and Taylor Blake Ward.


The Twins are checking all their bases - pun intended - on who their future will revolve around. The business feels it will be Brendan McKay that goes first overall, but the noise in Southern California is that Hunter Greene will become the first prep right-handed pitcher taken first overall.


The top duo in this draft will likely go as a one-two punch in the draft. If McKay is available, it sounds like Cincy will pull the plug, but Greene isn't just an alternative option.


The local product has been scouted regularly by the Padres. Though Royce Lewis didn't duplicate his impressive summer and fall, he's got enough upside and talent to find a landing spot in the top-five.


In a market that can't afford a top free agent signing, the Rays have to draft high-upside talent. Though they lean to the prep ranks more often, Wright could be one of the token potential aces in this draft class and he's at the top of their board. If Lewis is here, it may be a different story.


The rich get richer. A strong spring put Gore near the top of draft boards, and it'd be no surprise to if Atlanta added to their incredibly deep system of southpaws. Albeit, the Braves are linked to roughly 10 different names, as was the story last year.


Who will be the numbers guy who is nabbed by David Forst and Billy Beane? J.B. Bukauskas fits their mold and has been heavily scouted by the A's, but... Oakland has worked the market before, and this class isn't deep (at all) in impact college bats.


Though it's a new Front Office, much of the scouting department remains the same in Arizona. The DBacks took Bukauskas out of high school and have seen him often this spring. There are multiple best player available options who could land in Phoenix and alter the top of the draft, including any who fall out of the top six. Key focus: guys who know how to play/pitch.


Though his velocity has jumped around this spring, it seems Faedo is regaining his health after two knee surgeries. The best player available at this point is Faedo, but Philly could pull the trigger on any of the top college hitters.


Chances are, Milwaukee will take their favored high school player and gain their college arm with one of their other top-50 picks. It may just be noise, but I'm hearing Jordon Adell is a hot commodity anywhere in the 9-to-11 range.


Athletes are the prime focus of the Angels draft. Baz is athletic and has one of the most complete arsenals in the prep ranks. They're at a point in the draft where any player who falls could be their target, or they could be similar to any of the teams in the 5-to-15 range who go after a college bat.


Chicago tends to know exactly who they want with their first pick every year, and more often than not, they get them. The industry knows this, and it could be any of a trio of outfielders, with Haseley near the top after an impressive spring.


Big pitchers with big velocity, control and plane. Check marks across the board with David Peterson. It also allows them to save money, where they can capitalize with five top-100 picks, while also attaining one of the top strikeout pitchers in the draft.


Miami is attached to just about every prep player with loud tools. Expectency is that they'll nab a prep pitchers like D.L. Hall, Blayne Enlow, Sam Carlson or Trevor Rogers, but with Beck still on my board; Miami won't pass.


With the current state of the Royals farm system, they have to draft someone that will impact their future the way the 2015 World Series team did. D.L. Hall provides a high-ceiling and a high-floor. Don't be stunned if they grab a college bat here.


Best player available: Jeren Kendall. Houston is also drawn to high-ceiling athletes and have no fear of drafting guys who have swing-and-miss concerns when they can impact a game the way Kendall does (George Springer).


It seems the entire country is now hearing what's been said in Southern California for the last three months. The Yankees like Pratto, who showed a wild power surge at the start of spring and has solidified himself as one of the top prep hitters in the nation. Also of note; five of their last six first-round picks have been product of California, and eight of their last 13 top-100 picks have been of the same category.


Consensus is that Jerry Dipoto will keep his conservative ways. They're linked to plenty of college players, and it won't be shocking if a college bat lands here. But, the M's have seen Canning multiple times, and he reminds them of one of Dipoto's first trade acquisition's while with the Angels - Zack Greinke.


Top upside power arm or athletic outfielder on the board. In this mock, it's Trevor Rogers. Other options could be Sam Carlson, Matt Sauer, Bubba Thompson, or Drew Waters


The Giants are linked to multiple up-the-middle talents. A weaker class for shortstops, San Francisco has been checking on on Warmoth, who fits their standard. Once again, any of the remaining top college bats could be here.


After the smoke screen of Will Craig last year, it seems the Mets once again have ties with the top college bats in the draft. Whoever the Mets feel is the top college bat at this point is likely to be their guy.


College early, prep later. Look for another conservative draft from Dan Duquette, taking either the top college pitcher or top collegiate bat (tired of hearing that, yet?).


You're probably sick of hearing it, but... top college bat. One of the above mentioned hitters should fall to No. 22, and if not, Evan White isn't a bad fallback plan.


The Dodgers love high-ceiling and high-floor players. From what's been heard around the industry, they also love Bubba Thompson. A stud on the gridiron and the diamond, he has plenty of helium, leading many to believe he may not even be available for the Dodgers at this point. There may not be a better all-around athlete in this draft, and to no one's surprise, the Dodgers kind of dig that.


The Red Sox aren't afraid of anyone, and Dave Dombrowski will always take the player he feels is best available. At this point of the mock, Sam Carlson is that guy.


Another conservative team when it comes to the draft, the Nats wouldn't be necessarily be getting a safe pick here. Regarded as one of the top college arms before the season began, struggles over the spring dropped Lange's value, but recent success may have launched him back into the late teens to early 20's.


Upside, upside, upside. His tools are loud, and so is the crack coming off his bat. You can peg Texas with a large group of athletic prep players, and you'll likely see a similar player three picks later.


Theo Epstein cares about one thing. Finding the best player that will help the Cubs win in the future. Nick Allen would go much higher in the draft if he was only inches taller, but his ability to change a game in all elements of the game have drawn the Cubs to him in the latter stages of the first-round.


Pearson reminds many of T.J. Zeuch, who the Blue Jays took in the first-round last year. With big velocity and the ability to work in the lower quadrants of the strike zone, he's a fitting piece for our pals to the North.


Though he's not as athletic as the prototypical Rangers draftee, Vientos does have the tools to be one of the big upside gambles in this draft. He has an explosive swing, and won't turn 18 until mid December - something the Rangers love.


See the 27th pick for the precursor. Schmidt's stuff comes at a near-premium, and he knows how to use it and trust it to win games and get out of big jams. He could be one of the arms in this draft who is closest to the Major League level.




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