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WARD: Mock Draft 3.0

In his third mock, Taylor Blake Ward gives you a look at who your team might be taking in June.

Mock Draft 1.0 with Jeff Ellis

WARD: Mock Draft 2.0


1. Hunter Greene, RHP, Notre Dame HS (CA)

Nothing new here. The Twins have been sending the armada to see all of the top prospects, and though Greene isn't pitching in games in front of them, they can't pass on a once in a decade arm like this.

Mock 1.0: Hunter Greene

Mock 2.0: Hunter Greene


2. Cincinnnati Reds - Brendan McKay, LHP, Louisville

Seemingly, it's down to two. If the Twins select anyone but McKay, the Reds will jump. If they do, it's going to be Hunter Greene.

Mock 1.0: Jeren Kendall

Mock 2.0: Brendan McKay


3. San Diego Padres - Royce Lewis, SS/OF, JSerra Catholic HS (CA)

If Hunter Greene somehow falls, it's a no-brainer. That probably won't happen, and rumors are stirring that A.J. Preller and crew are ready to cut some deals. The other rumor is that they're all in on Royce Lewis. Pick your rumors wisely.

Mock 1.0: Brendan McKay

Mock 2.0: Royce Lewis


4. Tampa Bay Rays - Kyle Wright, RHP, Vanderbilt

There's two scenarios for Tampa. Their preference is Royce Lewis. Their second option is to take whichever of the top two arms in the draft fall. Kyle Wright isn't a concession prize by any means.

Mock 1.0: Austin Beck

Mock 2.0: Kyle Wright


5. Atlanta Braves - MacKenzie Gore, LHP, Whiteville HS (NC)

Plain and simple. If Kyle Wright is here, he's taken. If not, top prep player.

Mock 1.0: Royce Lewis

Mock 2.0: MacKenzie Gore


6. Oakland Athletics - J.B. Bukauaskas, RHP, North Carolina

It's almost too obvious who the A's want and will take. Usually when it's too obvious, it's a guarantee everything will change. In this case, Bukauskas is the guy, and we aren't going to be tricky.

Mock 1.0: Alex Faedo

Mock 2.0: Pavin Smith


7. Arizona Diamondbacks - Adam Haseley, OF, Virginia

The DBacks are likely to turn to one of the two Virginia studs. Deric Ladnier likes guys who have a little better baseball IQ, and with a pitching back ground, Haseley hits the marks.

Mock 1.0: D.L. Hall

Mock 2.0: J.B. Bukauskas


8. Philadelphia Phillies - Pavin Smith, 1B, Virginia

Phillies staff seems to be torn between college performers and high-ceiling prep arms. Though they went prep heavy in last year's draft, the players taken were of the safer floor variety. It seems the leaning tower is falling to the college side of things this year.

Mock 1.0: J.B. Bukauskas

Mock 2.0: Alex Faedo


9. Milwaukee Brewers - D.L. Hall, LHP, Valdosta HS (GA)

The Brewers are ready to play with the chips they have. Those chips include three top 50 picks, and sources say they're making deals left and right to go ever-so-slighly underslot with their first pick.

Mock 1.0: Pavin Smith

Mock 2.0: Jordon Adell


10. Los Angeles Angels - Shane Baz, RHP, Concordia Lutheran HS (TX)

Keeping things under a hat, one thing is known about the Angels. Athleticism. Baz is the most athletic pitcher at this stage, and has the highest ceiling. The Halos have been linked to toolsy prep outfielders, but they've attained that with both of their last two second-round picks. Depending on his performance in the SEC Tournament, Alex Faedo could be in play here if he's not already taken.

Mock 1.0: Tanner Houck

Mock 2.0: Shane Baz


11. Chicago White Sox - Alex Faedo, RHP, Florida

Hardly any team develops pitchers the way Chicago does. Their hope is that Adam Haseley falls to them, but they won't be upset with whoever the top college pitcher is at this point. Another outfield draft option for them is Jordon Adell, who they've scouted heavily throughout the spring.

Mock 1.0: Kyle Wright

Mock 2.0: Adam Haseley


12. Pittsburgh Pirates - Jeren Kendall, OF, Vanderbilt

Once considered the top talent in this draft, Kendall has fallen drastically due to offensive woes. However, he hasn't stopped proving he's a game changer with his speed, power and defense. The Pirates sure do love their game changers.

Mock 1.0: Hans Crouse

Mock 2.0: David Peterson


13. Miami Marlins - Nick Pratto, 1B, Huntington Beach HS (CA)

Let's take a trip down memory lane. In 2010, Stan Meek took a left-handed hitting first baseman from Southern California. His name was Christian Yelich. Meek and the Marlins love power and makeup guys, and, oh hey, Nick Pratto hits all those exact same marks. Hall and Trevor Rogers are in play here.

Mock 1.0: Nick Pratto

Mock 2.0: Austin Beck


14. Kansas City Royals - Austin Beck, OF, North Davidson HS (NC)

Speed and athleticism. The Royals system needs an upside player like Beck. Rogers is once again an option here.

Mock 1.0: Jacob Heatherly

Mock 2.0: D.L. Hall


15. Houston Astros - Keston Hiura, 2B/LF, UC-Irvine

Watch the college bats start to fall like flies. Hiura is well-suited for the American League, and fits any teams analytical questions. In a best player available mindset, anyone could land with Houston, but many believe if Hiura makes it this far, the Astros want him, and badly.

Mock 1.0: MacKenzie Gore

Mock 2.0: Jeren Kendall


16. New York Yankees - Griffin Canning, RHP, UCLA

Five of their last six first-round picks have been from Southern California. Troy Afenir and Dave Keith have a pretty big say in the war room it seems. The Yankees took James Kaprielian a few years back, and aside from Tommy John surgery, it was working very well for them. Why break tradition? Especially when you're the gosh darn Yankees? If Nick Pratto is here, don't sweat for the clock.

Mock 1.0: Tristan Beck

Mock 2.0: Nick Pratto


17. Seattle Mariners - David Peterson, LHP, Oregon

Does Jerry Dipoto continue his conservative drafting? We may not know until post draft, but all signs lead to it being that way again. If not Peterson, expect the M's to grab one of the top college hitters here - Jake Burger, Evan White, Logan Warmoth.

Mock 1.0: Wil Crowe

Mock 2.0: Griffin Canning


18. Detroit Tigers - Trevor Rogers, LHP, Carlsbad HS (NM)

Detroit looks to be all in on pitchers, and they've always liked big arms. Well... Trevor Rogers.

Mock 1.0: Jordon Adell

Mock 2.0: Trevor Rogers


19. San Francisco Giants - Logan Warmoth, SS, North Carolina

Continuing the Scout trend with this pick. The Giants have been heavily scouting the North Carolina program and seem to always target up-the-middle players. Warmoth fits the profile of the prototypical Giants player. Hall, Rogers and Sam Carlson are alternative options here.

Mock 1.0: Logan Warmoth

Mock 2.0: Logan Warmoth


20. New York Mets - Jake Burger, 3B, Missouri State

We were blinded by the smoke screen of Will Craig last year, and hopefully it's not the case this year. Mets are going to take the top college bat at this point.

Mock 1.0: Jake Burger

Mock 2.0: Jake Burger


21. Baltimore Orioles - Tanner Houck, RHP, Missouri

Expect Dan Duquette to keep his tradition of going after the top college player available. The continual desire for power arms leaves Houck as someone the O's can be happy with.

Mock 1.0: Keston Hiura

Mock 2.0: Tanner Houck


22. Toronto Blue Jays - Alex Lange, RHP, Louisiana State

If any of the college players listed above fall, you could see them being called by the Jays. Although it's a new office, the conservative draft style hasn't seemed to diminish. Evan White is another college performer who could land his flight here.

Mock 1.0: Griffin Canning

Mock 2.0: Keston Hiura


23. Los Angeles Dodgers - Bubba Thompson, OF, McGill-Thoolen Catholic HS (AL)

The two-sport athlete has been a target for the boys in blue for some time. With Jordon Adell on the board at this point, teams are really going to have to ponder why they wouldn't pick him, and the Dodgers are no different when looking at high-ceiling outfielders. Heliot Ramos is another possibility.

Mock 1.0: Brendon Little

Mock 2.0: Bubba Thompson


24. Boston Red Sox - Sam Carlson, RHP, Burnsville HS (MN)

Upside. That's the focus. Once again, someone is going to steal Jordon Adell, but who will it be?

Mock 1.0: Garrett Mitchell

Mock 2.0: Sam Carlson


25. Washington Nationals - Seth Romero, RHP, N/A

Who's going to jump on the fire? More important, who's going to put out the fire? Romero's off-field problems got him kicked off of the Houston baseball program and have turned him from a potential top-10 pick to a fringe first-rounder. The talent is obvious, the need is there, and with a Boras connection, the Nats may be the team that jumps on the fire.

Mock 1.0: Alex Lange

Mock 2.0: Alex Lange


26. Texas Rangers - Jordon Adell, OF, Ballard HS (KY)

How can a kid with this much talent fall this far? The swing-and-miss is concerning, but nowhere near this alarming. It's more likely that he won't fall this far, but with the Rangers love of high-ceiling players, hardly any bring as high of one as Adell. Mark Vientos, Drew Waters, Tristen Lutz and Heliot Ramos could keep Adell falling though, as the Rangers have ties to the grouping.

Mock 1.0: Mark Vientos

Mock 2.0: Drew Waters


27. Chicago Cubs - Nate Pearson, RHP, Central Florida Junior College

Nick Allen. Nick Allen. Nick Allen. Maybe we're over thinking, but somehow, many believe the Cubs are going to try and work him in with their second first-round pick and hope teams don't scoop him up. The Cubs are admirers of Pearson and his big fastball, while seeing the opportunity to upside - or Nick Allen - three picks later.

Mock 1.0: Clarke Schmidt

Mock 2.0: Nick Allen


28. Toronto Blue Jays - Nick Allen, SS, Francis Parker School (CA)

Oops. Allen is likely going with this pick, the one prior, or the 30th. The Blue Jays like him, but if they like him more than Evan White is the real question.

Mock 1.0: Adam Haseley

Mock 2.0: Nate Pearson


29. Texas Rangers - Matt Sauer, RHP, Ernest Righetti HS (CA)

A very reliable source told us the Rangers are taking Sauer in the first round. We trust that source.

Mock 1.0: Shane Baz

Mock 2.0: Mark Vientos


30. Chicago Cubs - Drew Waters, OF, Etowah HS (GA)

Well, it's not Nick Allen. A little saving grace though from that first pick could give the Cubs a chance at one of the top upside prep hitters. Pearson and Clarke Schmidt are other options if they pull the trigger on Allen at 27 though.

Mock 1.0: Brady McConnell

Mock 2.0: Clarke Schmidt




31. Tampa Bay Rays - Evan White, 1B/OF, Kentucky

The last time Tampa took college players with their first two picks was a decade ago. It just so happened their first pick that year was a pitcher from Vanderbilt (see fourth pick). His name was David Price, maybe you've heard of him. With advanced hitters not coming by the dozens this year, they'll have to jump if they want one. If Jordon Adell was here, doubt they pass.


32. Cincinnati Reds - Heliot Ramos, OF, Leadership Christian Academy (PR)

You get the guy you wanted early, and get a guy you didn't know you'd have later, but are pretty darn happy to take. Money left on the table for more. This would be the absolute floor for Adell, who is a local product.


33. Oakland Athletics - Wil Crowe, RHP, South Carolina

Continue getting those college arms, Oakland. You just do you.


34. Milwaukee Brewers - Tristan Beck, RHP, Stanford

Yes, he hasn't pitched this year, but he was a top-15 pick before the back injury and he has ties to Milwaukee. The Brewers liked Beck enough in 2015, knowing he'd go to Stanford, to award him with a draft pick. Teams will know by draft time, but we don't, whether Beck is going to sign or head back to play with his brother under a new coaching staff at Stanford. By going after an under slot prep arm early, the Brewers can attempt to go after someone like Beck and build more depth with their impressive farm system.


35. Minnesota Twins - Stuart Fairchild, OF, Wake Forest

There's a wide gap between the top group of college hitters and the next. Though they could likely get Fairchild two picks later, they'll want to take the college hitter they feel is best before Miami nabs that player (if they do).


36. Miami Marlins - Hagen Danner, RHP, Huntington Beach HS (CA)

Maybe a little more endorsement for their first pick, Danner is seen as a better option on the mound than behind the plate by most. Maybe they'll work their 2011 Little League World Series magic into something a little more impressive in South Florida.




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