2017 MLB Draft: Mock Draft Round 3

In his final Mock Draft of the year, Jeff Ellis predicts where players will go in round three when the draft resumes on day two.

76 Minnesota Twins Blayne Enlow, RHP, St. Amant HS (LA)

They have the money to sign Enlow and he fits the profile of a starter they would target. He is the best player on the board and fits what they would look for here.

77 Cincinnati Reds Bryce Bonnin, RHP, Barbers Hills HS (TX)

Reds have taken undersized arms before, like velocity and athletes, and would have money to spend on a prep arm here. Bonnin would be a strong value. 

78 San Diego Padres Tristan Beck, RHP, Stanford

I still think he has a promise somewhere. The Padres did not break the bank in round two, so they could still have some extra money, depending on the Gore bonus. 

79 Tampa Bay Rays Jake Thompson, RHP, Oregon State

He is an undersized senior sign and would save them cash after taking a pair of high price prep players. 

80 Atlanta Braves Riley Adams, C, San Diego State

System is very strong, but lacks prospect at the catcher position. Adams would be a good value and fills a system weakness. 

81 Oakland Athletics Matt Tabor, RHP, Milton Academy (MA)

Last year, they took three pitchers, then drafted a bat, so I figure three bats, then go with a pitcher. They should be under slot at this point, in terms of spending, and Tabor is a velocity guy with ceiling who fits the approach there. 

82 Arizona Diamondbacks Trevor Stephan, RHP, Arkansas 

Diamondbacks have been very conservative so far, taking only college bats. Each player they have selected has been a strong college performer as well. I would think a strong college arm makes sense here. 

83 Philadelphia Phillies Jacob Heatherly, LHP, Cullman HS (AL)

They went well under slot in round two, I believe, so an upside pick here makes sense. When I look at a prep player who makes sense, Heatherly jumps out as being both on the board and a fit for what they look for.

84 Milwaukee Brewers KJ Harrison, 1B/C, Oregon State

Brewers don’t have much catching depth in system and lack players with strong hit tools. Harrison has some concerns, in terms of the position, but works as a third round gamble.

85 Los Angeles Angels Greg Jones, SS, Cary HS NC

Angels have gone for ceiling and athletes so far. They don’t have much, in terms of up the middle talent, so Jones would help there as well. 

86 Colorado Rockies Jacob Pearson, OF, West Monroe HS (LA)

Doyle is likely under slot, which gives them a chance at the toolsy Pearson. I had them connected with toolsy outfielders early in the year. 

87 Chicago White Sox Blaine Knight, RHP, Arkansas 

The White Sox and I have seen eye to eye the last two years. After grabbing a pair of bats, an arm makes sense, so I give them the college arm that's highest on my board. 

88 Pittsburgh Pirates Tony Dibrell, RHP, Kennesaw State

Pirates are yet to take a college player. Dibrell gives them a pitcher with athleticism and ceiling, which they look for.

89 Miami Marlins Mason House, OF, Whitehouse HS (TX)

I think Dunand should be well under slot, which would free them to chase a prep talent here. House is an athletic outfielder they could possibly sign with the savings from round two. 

90 Kansas City Royals Bryce Montes De Oca, RHP, Missouri 

The Royals like velocity arms, and Montes would be one of the better ones here. 

91 Houston Astros Tanner Burns, RHP, Decatur HS (AL)

The Astros have so many picks that I think they would have the money to sign a player like Burns here.

92 New York Yankees Will Gaddis, RHP, Furman 

Yankees drafted Gaddis out of high school, so this would be a redraft for them and it is about where he is predicted to go. 

93 Seattle Mariners Keegan Thompson, RHP, Auburn

Mariners are a conservative team that often drafts based on performance. I think they need to go with the senior to get money for Carlson in round two.  

94 St. Louis Cardinals Kevin Smith, SS, Maryland

The Cardinals have such a small pool that they are likely to go with a college player. Smith would be a nice mix of upside and value at this point. A team can never have enough shortstops. 

95 Detroit Tigers Luis Gonzalez, OF, New Mexico

Gonzalez would give them another toolsy outfielder. He would be a strong value as well.

96 San Francisco Giants Garrett Cave, RHP, Tampa 

They have a history of taking big arms with big velocity and Cave fits the bill. I figure after a pair of prep bats, a college arm makes sense here.

97 New York Mets Connor Wong, C, Houston 

The Mets have grabbed two of my favorite prospects, so I have a third one for them here, in Wong. They are another team that could use some catching depth. 

98 Baltimore Orioles Daniel Tillo, LHP, Iowa Western CC

Orioles have gone with ceiling with a lot of picks. Tillo makes sense here, as a JUCO lefty with strong athleticism. So far, they have targeted lefties and athletes in general. 

99 Toronto Blue Jays  Donovan Casey, OF, Boston College 

They tend to be conservative, and Casey makes sense as a plus plus run tool, cold weather athlete. 

100 Los Angeles Dodgers Dalton Guthrie, SS, Florida

They seem to value bloodlines and Guthrie’s father was Major Leaguer, Mark Guthrie. Dalton was viewed as a possible first rounder coming into the year and is still a solid utility prospect. Also, he won’t cost a ton, which is a concern after Kendall, in round one.

101 Boston Red Sox Devin Hairston, SS, Louisville 

They have gone college arm and then toolsy prep outfielder. Hairston would given them a utility player with some upside. After trades, the system is weak in middle infield prospects.

102 Cleveland Indians Asa Lacy, LHP, Tivy HS (TX)

I think they might be under slot after day one. I mentioned Lacy a few times as a player who marks a ton of boxes for the Indians.

103 Washington Nationals Joey Morgan, C, Washington 

After taking a pair of college arms, I could see them going with a college bat. Morgan is one of the top college prospects on the board. 

104 Texas Rangers Peter Solomon, RHP, Notre Dame 

Rangers have rolled the dice before on players who struggled in their draft year. If they think they can fix Solomon, this is a steal in round three.

105 Chicago Cubs Daniel Cabrera, OF, Parkview Baptist HS (LA)

Cubs have been hyper conservative so far in this draft. They should be under slot to this point. After taking three straight college arms, I could see a prep bat here with savings, and Cabrera fits their approach. 

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