2007 MLB Draft Q&A: Greg Annarummo

A third baseman out of Bishop Hendricken High School in Rhode Island, Greg Annarummo not only appears to be an excellent college prospect, a but a strong professional prospect as well. He has all the tools to play third base and has flashed big power potential as well. We recently caught up with Greg for a Q&A session.

Scout.com: First of all, it was a summer of showcases for you. How do you feel your summer went and what were you able to get out of it?

Greg Annarummo: Overall my summer I thought went really well. Being able to play against the best competition in the country at every showcase or tournament I went to was something really special. This summer I know that I played with the best and that I played with and against many other players that will end up getting drafted in the 2007 MLB Draft.

Scout.com: Which event do you think you had your best showing at and why?

Greg Annarummo: The Tournament of Stars in Joplin, Missouri was my best showcase this past summer. I played the field and hit well. Although I had mono during that showcase I think it was one of the toughest personal things to overcome while playing in those games. The illness made me work harder and I think it made me perform well for someone who missed the six weeks leading up to that weekend (PG National and Tournament of Stars). I was a little healthier at the East Coast Pro and showed a little more power in the batting practices.

Scout.com: If you had describe your overall game, what are some important things you'd point out and basically what should people know about your style of play?

Greg Annarummo: My ability to play defense is the strongest aspect of my game. I always expect the ball to be hit to me at third base and make the play. As a hitter, I can hit to all fields with power. My style of play is just playing hard at all times and trying to beat my opponent in every aspect of the game. It's the competitiveness in me.

Scout.com: What would you say is your strongest attribute as a player and why?

Greg Annarummo: My strongest attribute as a player would have to be doing whatever it takes to win. Whether that means throwing my body onto the ground to dive for a hard hit ball, slide head first into home, situational hitting, or sacrificing myself at the plate to move a runner over. My competitiveness plays a big role in my success as a player. I always look at what will help me become a better player and take advantage of it. I know that there is always someone trying to out work me and I try to out work that person.

Scout.com: Have you committed to college yet? If so, which one and have you thought ahead about the decision you could have to make between going pro and college?

Greg Annarummo: Yes, I have decided to go to Elon University. I have thought about going pro. If a good opportunity came, yes I would go pro rather than going to college. I think dedicating my days full time to baseball would bring out the best in me. My dream always has been to make it to the big leagues. I have worked so hard to fulfill that goal and I would take the opportunity when it comes.

Scout.com: What do you feel are the most significant improvements you have to make over the next year and how do you plan to correct them?

Greg Annarummo: The improvements I need to make are to be a more consistent hitter. As of now, I am a hitter that when I am hot, I can be very hard to get out. When I'm cold, I do not make solid contact consistently and that is what I need to work on. Right now I am hitting at least four times a week working on not letting my left arm (I am a right-handed hitter) extend out, causing a long swing.

Scout.com: It seems that you were a player that moved up a lot on many prospects lists this summer. What differences do you think there were in your game that got your the added attention?

Greg Annarummo: The reason that moved me up on many prospect lists this past summer was the high level events I was at. The ability for me to play with the best and compete with the best got me the recognition I felt I deserved for putting the amount of effort I put day in and day out.

Scout.com: What do you feel is the most important thing an organization should know about you that they might not see at first glance?

Greg Annarummo: The first time you meet me, I may seem like just an ordinary person but once you get to know me I'm the kind of person that will motivate my teammates and other people around me. My teammates feed off of me for energy and motivation. I know a lot about the game and I get a lot of people that talk to me about the way they hit, pitch, and/or field. I have been through a lot as a player and know so much. I like to talk to other people whether it be about baseball or anything off the field. I love to help people with problems and I care for my teammates as if they were family.

Scout.com: What big league player would you best compare yourself to in terms of style and why?

Greg Annarummo: The big league player that I think I would compare myself to in Mike Lowell. His last year in Florida had people saying he was near the end of his career. His first year in Boston proved them wrong. Having played this year with a virus, I understand peoples performances can be down for reasons other than ability. The important thing is to work hard and come back stronger. He is one of the hardest working players in Major League baseball at the age of 32. He leaves everything out on the field every time he plays. He throws his body around on the field as if he were 21. He spends several hours a day working on his game. That's like me, I work on my game for as many hours as I can when I have free time. Mike Lowell is someone who I have watched for years and love the way he plays and he is who I look up to and compare myself to. He makes hard plays look easy and never misses a mistake pitch.

Scout.com: How would you describe your approach at the plate?

Greg Annarummo: My approach at the plate is looking for a pitch early in the count that is in my hitting zone. Usually I think of first pitch fastball all the way, if it's over the plate is what I look for unless the pitcher is throwing a lot of off-speed, then I think fast react off-speed. With two strikes I'm looking to put the ball in play and find a hole.

Scout.com: You've been praised for your offensive skills by many scouts. What do you think makes you such a strong hitter?

Greg Annarummo: My ability to get the bat through the zone with speed but also staying in the "hitting zone" as long as possible. I learned at a young age how to generate power through my body and maintain posture and connection to transfer the speed to my bat. I look at Albert Pujols who keeps his bat in the hitting zone the longest out of any hitter in the Major Leagues. I try to keep my bat in the hitting zone as long as possible so that my chances of hitting the ball hard more consistently are higher.

Scout.com: How do you feel playing against such strong competition has helped you as a player?

Greg Annarummo: Strong competition brings out the best in me. I strive to be better than my opponents. Playing against them, I get a good feel for how they play the game. Every once and a while I learn new things from them. In order to be the best you have to beat the best is how I look at it.

Scout.com: How would you break down your defensive game? Do you feel it is one of your stronger points?

Greg Annarummo: My defensive game is one of, if not, strongest points of my game. Playing in the north all my life has allowed me experience some of the bad hops and rough field conditions. Now that I have moved past that and to fields that are well kept I am able to let my instincts take over and play with smoothness and quickness. My hands are quick and I have good feet mechanics. I was able to focus on mechanics at a young age and now they have developed to be the strongest part of my game.

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