2007 Draft Q&A: Cameron Gray

Cameron Gray was known as simply one of the best Canadian prospects in the 2007 draft class, but after an impressive summer he has been tabbed by scouts as one of the top pitchers available this upcoming June. We recently caught up with the hard throwing right-hander for a Q&A session.

Scout.com: First of all, it was a summer of showcases for you. How you do you feel your summer went and what were you able to get out of it?

Cameron Gray: I feel my summer was very productive and I feel I got some more needed exposure. Also, I got a little bit better working on various traits. I also worked on my mound presence and keeping my composure.

Scout.com: Which event do you think you had your best showing at and why?

Cameron Gray: I feel I had my best outings in Joplin, Missouri, showing the ability of not having my best stuff and working through it for a win and a save.

Scout.com: If you had describe your overall game, what are some important things you'd point out and basically what should people know about your style of pitching?

Cameron Gray: I go after the hitters, try to throw strikes low in the strike zone, and basically try to go out to the mound with a positive presence.

Scout.com: What would you say is your strongest attribute as a pitcher and why?

Cameron Gray: The ability to create movement when I need it the most, making the hitters off-guard and therefore having good success with ground balls.

Scout.com: Have you thought ahead about the decision you could have to make between going pro and college?

Cameron Gray: Yes, I would love to go to school, but if the draft treats me right, you never know what could happen.

Scout.com: What do you feel are the most significant improvements you have to make over the next year and how do you plan to correct them?

Cameron Gray: I could really work on my physical attributes. As for my game, I would like to improve on my command a little. In the off-season I'm going to be working on these things so I come out doing better in the Spring.

Scout.com: It seems that you were a player that moved up a lot on many prospects lists this summer. What differences do you think there were in your game that got you the added attention?

Cameron Gray: I had my velocity a little higher with better command, but overall I was given the opportunity to showcase my talent by Perfect Game, East Coast Pro, and Team Canada. All in all, I was just in the right spot at the right time.

Scout.com: What do you feel is the most important thing an organization should know about you that they might not see at first glance?

Cameron Gray: I'll do what it takes to get better and as a result, get a win. Over the summer I had a name on my head for "attacking hitters like a street fighter" and being a "bulldog." Why such names I don't know, but I guess it describes me.

Scout.com: What big league player would you best compare yourself to in terms of style and why?

Cameron Gray: I would say Chris Carpenter because from what I see we have similar mechanics and some of the same mound presence.

Scout.com: Could you please describe your repertoire of pitches, the velocities of each and which is your best pitch, etc.

Cameron Gray: I throw a four-seam fastball at 88-91 MPH that topped out this summer at 94 MPH. I throw a two-seam fastball that tails and sinks so much that some think it's a sinker. That's around 83-86 MPH. My curveball/slider has 2-8 movement and it's about 76-79 MPH.

Scout.com: If you had to look back at a turning point in your career, what would it be? In other words, when did you realize you could take your game to the next level?

Cameron Gray: When I was 14 I realized I was among the best in Canada. Then I also realized that by going to showcases seeing the United States side of competition.

Scout.com: How do you feel that playing against such strong competition has helped you as a player?

Cameron Gray: It has made me pay for my mistakes and is making me be more disciplined in my approaches. I always compete better with a challenge.

Scout.com: Has the pressure of picking a school and getting all the attention from scouts and things like that been difficult for you? What have you done to handle all of that?

Cameron Gray: The exposure has not really bothered me. I just go out thinking it's great but I just love to play. It's a big relief having already chosen a school [Chipola Junior College].

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