MLB Mock Draft

Until that first pick is revealed, anticipation and speculation run wild. A big part of that is attempting to handicap how the first round will play out. The truth is that not even the highest placed executives and scouts truly know what will go down, but through a vast reaching campaign to gather the latest buzz in the industry we can do our best to project the results of the first round.

1. Tampa Bay Rays - Tim Beckham, SS, Griffin HS

While other names still occasionally get floated in this spot, such as Brian Matusz and Pedro Alvarez, it appears the Tampa Bay's brass will choose between Posey or Tim Beckham. It looked like it was going to be Posey until his 12 million dollar bonus demands emerged. Now, Tampa Bay appears focused on Beckham.

2. Pittsburgh Pirates - Pedro Alvarez, 3B, Vanderbilt

Late rumors have been flying about the Pirates pick and that they may opt for Tim Beckham if he's available. The Pirates, by all indications, however, appear ready to make a statement. And, that statement can best be made by making the splash and nabbing Alvarez.

3. Kansas City Royals - Eric Hosmer, 1B, American Heritage HS

The general feeling for a while was that Eric Hosmer would be the Royals' top choice. And, there still seems to be little reason to believe that it will pan out any different. Kansas City reportedly prefers Hosmer to Tim Beckham, even if he were to fall to them at pick number three.

4. Baltimore Orioles - Brian Matusz, LHP, San Diego

Late rumors are swirling that Baltimore could be re-thinking their choice and considering righty, Aaron Crow. Upon further investigation of that rumor, it still appears that they are all over the San Diego lefty. Don't be shocked to see Crow, especially considering Matusz may be gone. They've also looked at Justin Smoak and would be thrilled if Tim Beckham fell into their laps.

5. San Francisco Giants - Buster Posey, C, Florida State

So, just how far will Buster Posey and his massive demands fall? San Francisco has been all over him all spring and dreaming of a scenario in which he fell to them. It's hard to imagine that they would let him slide by, regardless of his price tag.

6. Florida Marlins - Kyle Skipworth, C, Patriot HS

There's been more Kyle Skipworth rumors flying than you can shake a stick at and it's been difficult to sort out what's truth and what's not. The word is that Florida has made Skipworth top man on their wish list, and the only way that could change is if someone unexpected falls into their lap, such as Tim Beckham.

7. Cincinnati Reds - Gordon Beckham, SS, Georgia

This has long been a rumored match, as of the night before the draft, it appears to be a near certainly. Even as certain as it seems, the Reds could see their plan go up in smoke if a team like Baltimore or San Francisco snags the slugging shortstop. Both teams are high on him but appear to have others that they prefer.

8. Chicago White Sox - Justin Smoak, 1B, South Carolina

It appears that Chicago's top choice, Gordon Beckham, will be off the board so they will have to go with the contingency plan. Smoak brings more as a hitter but doesn't have the total package Beckham has. Chicago also appears willing to open their checkbook and pay up for a high priced guy like Smoak.

9. Washington Nationals - Aaron Crow, RHP, Missouri

Washington always vows to the take the best player on the board and if they keep their word, that player is Crow in this particular scenario. If Smoak is still around, they would probably be tempted.

10. Houston Astros - Shooter Hunt, RHP, Tulane

Shooter Hunt has been rumored to be sliding, but there are still indications that Houston is still on him. They're looking for a big arm, and with Crow and Matusz off the board, this could be the way to go.

11. Texas Rangers - Gerrit Cole, RHP, Orange Lutheran HS

This just makes sense more than anything else. Texas has never been afraid to pay up or tangle with Scott Boras and have not shied away from pitchers with purported makeup issues. They want the biggest arm that they can get their hands on and Cole could be the perfect fit.

12. Oakland Athletics - Yonder Alonso, 1B, Miami

Oakland is always linked with "Moneyball" type players, but surprisingly haven't been linked too much with Alonso. The Athletics have been very good at keeping their interests a mystery so the lack of connection between the two makes some sense. Alonso is as patient a hitter as there is in this class and has put up nothing but big numbers. If he's still on the board, this makes all the sense in the world.

13. St. Louis Cardinals - Christian Friedrich, LHP, Eastern Kentucky

According to several sources, if Oakland lets Friedrich slip by he will not get any farther. The Cardinals would be thrilled to get their hands on him and he fits into their system perfectly.

14. Minnesota Twins - Zach Collier, OF, Chino Hills HS

The Minnesota Twins are always one of the most difficult teams to get a feel for, so anything could happen here. They've seen a whole lot of Collier and they typically are fond of high school players.

15. Los Angeles Dodgers - Ethan Martin, RHP/3B, Stephens County HS

The general feeling right now is that the Dodgers will once again opt for a high school player, most likely a pitcher. Martin has been as impressive on the hill as anyone in the country and late word is that he is high on LA's board. They've also been linked to Aaron Hicks, Tim Melville, and Jake Odorizzi.

16. Milwaukee Brewers - Brett Lawrie, C, Brookswood HS

Year in and year out, the Brewers find a way to keep us guessing. They've long been impressed with Lawrie and it would be extremely surprising to see him slide any further. Of course, there are rumors that the Canadian backstop could be long gone so the Brewers have many other options to consider such as Josh Fields, Jason Castro, among others.

17. Toronto Blue Jays - Brett Wallace, 1B/3B, Arizona State

There is probably not a more obvious connection to make for the Blue Jays. Wallace is much like Travis Snider (one of Toronto's previous top picks) except for the fact that Snider was taken directly out of high school. Overly obvious connection aside, Wallace is simply the best hitter left on the board.

18. New York Mets - Jason Castro, C, Stanford

The Mets are another team that no one ever seems to be able to get a handle on. Given that they have two first round picks this year, it's unlikely that they are looking to go over slot with either of them. They've seen a lot of Castro and he would serve as a safe, low risk selection.

19. Chicago Cubs - Casey Kelly, SS, Sarasota HS

Kelly could land in a lot of spots throughout the top thirty picks but the Cubs seems to be the most logical place. Chicago, according to sources, would like to take the best positional player available and the feeling in their organization is that Kelly would be that player.

20. Seattle Mariners - Andrew Cashner, RHP, Texas Christian

Seattle has been known to take the best arm on the board, and even though he's a reliever, Cashner fits that description. Yes, he's a collegiate player but there's a lot to dream on with Cashner, and some teams feel he could project as a starter.

21. Detroit Tigers - Josh Fields, RHP, Georgia

We've come to expect the Tigers to behave much like the Yankees in the draft, with money being no object. They may not have the opportunity to show off their financial muscle this year. Although it's always possible, there's very little indication that any of the big names in the top ten will drop this far. Fields could offer them bullpen help in a hurry.

22. New York Mets - Ike Davis, OF, Arizona State

The Mets are looking to add some bats with thump to their drained farm system and Davis would give instant relief to that problem. Conor Gillaspie and Jemile Weeks have also been linked with New York.

23. San Diego Padres - Lance Lynn, RHP, Mississippi

They have slim pickings but the Padres still appear determined to get their hands on a polished college arm. Lynn had a very rough start to his junior season but has come on strong off late. That could be enough to attract a team like San Diego. Tyson Ross and Allan Dykstra have also been on their radar.

24. Philadelphia Phillies - Aaron Hicks, RHP/OF, Wilson HS

Even in a year where high upside prep athletes are somewhat scarce, the Phillies will still likely have a solid crop to choose from. Many sources have linked them closely with Hewitt but there's still some doubts as to whether he is too risky to take this early. Hicks may be a more attractive option; it's only a matter of whether they like him better on the mound or as a position player.

25. Colorado Rockies - Tim Melville, RHP, Holt HS

All signs in the last month have pointed to the Rockies zeroing in on a high school arm. Melville could be the best one still on the board but Colorado may be forced to go over slot to get him signed. Odorizzi is also a potential fit here.

26. Arizona Diamondbacks - Anthony Hewitt, SS, Salisbury Prep

If the Phillies pass him up, the next logical spot for the ultra-athletic shortstop is with Arizona. They've reportedly seen a lot of him and wouldn't hesitate to nab him if he's still available.

27. Minnesota Twins - Isaac Galloway, OF, Los Osos HS

Minnesota has never been afraid to take a risky athlete. Just look at what they did with Ben Revere last year. Galloway is a high risk, high reward player but the Twins would be willing to be patient with him as he develops.

28. New York Yankees - Mike Montgomery, LHP, Hart HS

It's rare to hear much of anything about who the Yankees are after in the draft, but several sources have linked Montgomery to the Yankees. Like the Tigers, the Yankees may not get the opportunity to flex their financial muscle, and this may finally be the year they can fill the lefty pitching void in their organization. Brett DeVall has been linked to them in reports as well, but sources close to the team say that they prefer the more powerful arm, Mike Montgomery. There are a lot of ways for New York to go.

29. Cleveland Indians - Jemile Weeks, 2B, Miami

Cleveland historically likes to go after premium position, polished position players. If that's still the case, Weeks is a very logical choice. Conor Gillaspie and Reese Havens are options as well.

30. Boston Red Sox - Conor Gillaspie, 3B, Wichita State

There's no educated way to make any kind of safe projection on the 30th overall pick, especially with a team that will do just about anything in the draft such as Boston. Gillaspie is a player that they were big fans of in the Cape Cod League and he's one of the best pure hitters in the class. Boston has been outstanding when it comes to scouting and developing hitters.

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