Angels' pitcher Michael Kohn makes his picks

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim pitcher Michael Kohn was born and raised in South Carolina. To him "USC" means the South Carolina Gamecocks. An avid SEC fan, Kohn's appreciate for the Pac-12 is growing. Check out his picks for the 2013 college football season.

Born and raised in South Carolina, L.A. Angels' pitcher Michael Kohn is doing his best to adapt to life on the West Coast.

On the baseball side of things, he's doing well. Great California weather, great beaches, and friendly West Coast fans pack Angels Stadium.

Kohn is a graduate of the College of Charleston and he's a fan of USC through thick and thin.

That's the "University of South Carolina," according to Kohn, for all you West Coast and Pac-12 fans.

And that's just where the debate begins.

As college football season kicks into full swing the Southerner can't help but to talk college football with his Angels teammates and debate which program - and conference - reigns supreme.

It's all about the SEC vs. the Pac-12.

Kohn gave FOX Sports NEXT his input on the conferences, his take on living amidst Pac-12 fans for the past four years, and we go through the schedule of SEC and Pac-12 games that will undoubtedly affect the big picture of the 2013 college football season - and Kohn gives you his picks.

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