Welcome to the New Scout MLB Network!

Welcome to the new Scout -- A note from the Editors

Hello loyal Scout readers,

Hey, how's it going? You lose some weight? You look fantastic. Anyway, so you might have noticed things look a little different here at scout.com—but don't panic! Scout is still the No. 1 destination for fanatic sports fans such as yourself, we just figured why not alert you to all of the cool things going on elsewhere in the Scout network?

As you may or may not know, Scout is your ultimate source for sports, outdoor adventures, and all-American pursuits. From baseball to college football to hunting to fishing to trying out the latest hot gadgets—it's everything you would rather be doing than work.

Over the years Scout has built an unrivaled Army of reporters and editors who live and breathe what they report. Scout's legions of experts are everywhere, and they love nothing more than to share what they've seen and learned from the front lines.

In the coming weeks and months, the Scout universe will expand to include even more of what you want to know about, plus some stuff you didn't realize you wanted to know more about. (But don't worry, we'll stop short of Kardashian updates.) And, of course, you can check out our 36 print magazines as well as some of the great videos we produce…


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