MLB's 2015 Opening Day Is A Homerun

Grab your peanuts and Cracker Jacks, the national pastime is back. Batting first, rivalries!

Major League Baseball is going back to its traditional opening day without any International “openers”. This year the Cardinals will take on the Cubs on Sunday, April 5th, 2015. What better way to start the season than with this rivalry? One day later, the Monday of the March Madness NCAA Basketball Championship we will get to enjoy sports all day. This has been an American tradition for years, and many diehard sports fans were sad to see it go.

Growing up as a sports fan most of us can remember watching baseball games all day on Monday before the NCAA National Championship game tipped off just after 9:00 pm on the east coast. It is back! We now get to see a plethora of MLB games played on the first Monday of the season. Some of the more popular matchups include:

Baltimore Orioles at the Tampa Bay Rays - 3:10 pm

Boston Red Sox at the Philadelphia Phillies - 3:05 pm

New York Mets at the Washington Nationals - 4:05 pm

Toronto Blue Jays at the New York Yankees - 1:05 pm

Note that almost all the games on opening day will be day games as they do not want to compete with the 2015 NCAA Championship game that will be aired on CBS at 9:00 pm. There will be plenty of TVs that are using picture in a picture so fans can watch several games at once. If you have a fantasy team with several #1 pitchers, you will get to see them pitch all on the same day to start the season. Can it get any more fun than that?

The first week of April is often a week in which high schools and middle schools are out on spring break. A great way to spend the first day of spring break with a son or daughter is to take them to the first Major League Baseball game of the season. This is when both teams will be fresh and their ace pitchers will be on the mound.

Many MLB Stadiums have embraced social media and the new technology era. You will see more “Tweet boards” and Vine video highlights than ever before. You may even be able to see your own picture on the jumbotron. The kids are sure to love this as it will keep them engaged with the game and the players. Most teams now have their own iPhone or Android app that can help you stay current on the stats and learn more about the players. As children learn more about the players and the game they will likely choose a favorite player that you can meet after the game or at another time.

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