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Madison Bumgarner hopes to participate in the Home Run Derby

The Giants' ace has consistently been one of the best hitting pitchers in baseball. Now the two-time Silver Slugger winner is hoping he gets the opportunity to prove himself on the big stage of the Home Run Derby this July.

Madison Bumgarner wants a shot at the big time, having just announced that he wants a chance to compete in the upcoming Home Run Derby this July.

Unfortunately for Bumgarner, his manager Bruce Bochy is not interested in listening to his plea to compete in the competition. Bochy cited that the possibility of an injury is the main reason why he would not let Bumgarner participate.

Bumgarner sparked some buzz about entering the competition by putting on a show during batting practice at Busch Stadium in St. Louis over the weekend, crushing multiple balls over the fence.   

No pitcher has ever participated in the Homer Run Derby, but if there were one pitcher in MLB right now who could compete, it would be Bumgarner. He currently leads the all active MLB pitchers with 13 career Home Runs.

For the season, Bumgarner has 2 Home runs and is only hitting .158, but he has consistently shown his confident approach at the plate in past seasons.  

In his last two seasons Bumgarner demonstrated his confidence by hitting .258 with 4 home runs and a slugging percentage of .470 while winning a Silver Slugger in 2014 and again in 2015 he hit .247 with 5 home runs while slugging .468 while winning the Silver Slugger award. 

There have been many great hitting pitchers throughout the MLB, including Mike Hampton, Carlos Zambrano and even currently Zack Greinke. But Bumgarner without a doubt has demonstrated that he has enough pop to hang with the big time sluggers of the MLB. 

Seeing Bumgarner face off vs. the likes David OrtizMike Trout and Bryce Harper would be entertaining, and fans would likely tune-in to watch the competition take place. 

The Home Run Derby has been trying to spice things up lately by changing the format of the competition, and letting a pitcher take a shot at the title would not be a bad idea for ratings of the event.

Bumgarner has stated his case and believes he could win the derby, but ultimately it is not up to him to decide.


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