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Ichiro Suzuki's Impersonator Steals the Show

From the full uniform to swing routine, this impersonator has Ichiro down to a tee.

As Ichiro Suzuki recorded three hits Monday against the San Diego Padres, the future hall of famer inched closer to Pete Rose's record 4,256 hits. This is, of course, if you combine his MLB career with his prior experience in Nippon Professional Baseball. 

While there are arguments on both sides to the credibility of that stat, Ichiro was in the spotlight for a less contentious reason. 

As Ichiro would prepare to bat or run the bases, an impersonator dressed in full Miami Marlins uniform could be seen mimicking the Japanese superstar's every move, and flawlessly at that.


The attention to detail is simply incredible. Faux Ichiro masters the bat swing to shoulder grab impeccably, but the clincher is the facial expression. Both Ichiros purse their lips and let out a short breath in perfect harmony.

And while Ichiro's swing may be the most recognizable part of his game, the impersonator showed versatility by trying his hand at base running as well.


While he wasn't the first to impersonate Ichiro, the impersonator definitely showed his commitment to his art and fandom, and even earned an interview for his effort.


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