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Why a Pitcher's Home Run Derby Could Work

Here's why a pitcher's home run derby could be a major success for the MLB.

Normally, fans look forward to watching their favorite hitters smash home runs over the All-Star break. Whether it's during the All Star game or the Home Run Derby, fans love watching the ball fly over the fence. Well, sports are always looking to improve. Baseball has been criticized as being a boring sport, so the league is working to make baseball more exciting.


San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner started a domino reaction the other week when he said he wanted to participate in the Home Run Derby. No one has ever given a pitcher a chance to compete in the event. Bumgarner is no slouch hitter (13 career home runs), constantly showing in batting practice that he has great power.


Reigning NL Cy Young winner and Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta joined in with Bumgarner, also wanting his chance to compete in the event. Arrieta has had a fantastic season on the mound, but he wants his chance to prove himself (and have some fun) at the plate.


If a pitchers-only home run derby was created, there would likely be plenty of attraction from both the players and the fans. There are plenty of pitchers that wield a powerful bat, but would it be able to compete with the normal home run derby? Plenty of pitchers seem to think so.

Marlins ace Jose Fernandez was an immediate supporter of the event.


New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard shed some comedy while supporting a pitchers-only home run derby. Syndergaard suggests in his hashtag that baseball celebrity Bartolo Colon participate in the derby.


With all the player support, it might only be a matter of time before we see pitchers grab a bat and participate in their own derby. A pitchers-only home run derby could help the MLB add another event that the fans and players love. The players certainly love the idea, now the league needs to give it a long look.

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