Thor and Big Sexy take a back seat in the Tuesday Mets vs. Royals game

The Mets pitching rotation does not play out as expected after Thor's extra day of rest and Big Sexy's hand injury on Tuesday's Mets vs. Royals game.

New York Mets' pitcher Noah Syndergaard, aka Thor, was set to pitch in the Mets vs. Royals game Tuesday night. After evaluating Syndergaard’s pitching count, the Mets decided to give Syndergaard, and his arm, an extra day of rest. In the Mets game against the Pirates last Wednesday, Syndergaard threw 115 pitches the most he’s thrown this season, as he made an effort to complete the game. Mets' manager Terry Collins decided to give Syndergaard, who is 7-2 this season, another day to rest his arm and announced 43 year old pitcher Bartolo Colon, aka Big Sexy, would be stepping up to the mound. Collins spoke with ESPN's Adam Rubin  and told him, "Bartolo comes back a little bit easier. We said if we can bring him back, we can move Noah back a day, give him an extra day with all the pitches he threw."

Colon walked up to the pitcher’s mound last night but his outing was cut short when a line drive hit his right hand after the fourth pitch of the game.

An expression of pain crossed Colon’s face as he clutched at his hand and walked off the field to get X-rays. After getting hit with a line drive straight to the hand, it seemed plausible that Colon would have a break or fracture. Though the incident looked, and probably was, painful Colon’s X-rays came back negative for any breaks or fractures and he was diagnosed on his right hand with a thumb bruise.  

Despite Syndergaard sitting out, and Colon’s injury taking him out of the game after just four pitches, Hansel Robles was able to step up, as well as Jeurys Familia, and only allowed the Royals to score one run.

The Mets were able to hold their own and came out on top in their 2-1 win over the Royals in the World Series rematch.


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