Best tweets from the Chris Sale jersey-cutting saga

Twitter didn't disappoint in its reaction to a wild story.

The bizzareness of the Chris Sale story cannot be done proper justice in words. The whole "cutting up jerseys so the team can't wear them that day" thing is pretty without precedent in MLB, and it gets even better. The guy who did it was Sale, one of the game's premiere pitchers who just started the All-Star game, and he plays for a White Sox team that already had the previous craziest off-the-field story of the 2016 baseball season (the Adam/Drake LaRoche circus).

There was so much meat on the bone for Twitter jokesters, and they devoured it, starting with the tweet that broke the news. When the Sox initially announced they were scratching Sale from his start, the immediate assumption was that he had been traded. Slowly but surely, however, the insider collective realized something was fishy about it, and then Tommy Stokke dropped the hammer.

And Ken Rosenthal was there with backup.

Yahoo's Jeff Passan hopped into the frenzy with this gem.

And some minor league teams grew self-conscious.

The photoshop crowd got into it, too.

And the puns, courtesy of Orioles radio broadcaster Joe Angel.

Sale was suspended five games for insubordination, which means his next start will be pretty much on schedule. The Sox won Saturday night's game (albeit on Sunday afternoon), and have won four straight. But someone someone brought this brilliant jersey to one of those games.

This story will probably recur at Halloween, or whenever Chicago dons those 1976 throwbacks again, or perhaps every time Sale pitches. So the tweets should continue to trickle in, all summer long.

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