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Yasiel Puig might get fined for Vin Scully cleats

The Dodgers outfielder wants to be bold, but MLB doesn't seem thrilled.

Major League Baseball has sent a letter to Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig, threatening him with a $5,000 fine should he wear his customized Nike cleats on the field again.

The spikes in question pay tribute to Vin Scully, who is in his 67th and final season as the voice of the Dodgers. The left shoe had an image of Scully's face and the phrase "WIN FOR VIN," while the right shoe read "#ITFDB," a reference to Scully's opening line in broadcasts: "It's time for Dodger baseball."

Yes, that's the official MLB Twitter account. Clearly, the league has different people for sending out tweets and policing uniforms. In a confusing twist, the picture of Scully doesn't actually violate the policy, but the orange stripe does because the Dodgers don't wear that color.

Puig has other custom cleats he was planning on wearing in games this year, but it doesn't seem likely that those will grace the field anytime soon. Apparently, one pair is Statue of Liberty-themed, and another has a large "66" on the side.

A fine for customized cleats, let alone ones that pay tribute to a legend in Scully, would certainly rustle some feathers in the "Make Baseball Fun Again" crowd. Puig could also just stick it to the league, wear the shoes again and pay the fine.

But he'll have to get back on the diamond first. Puig is currently battling a hamstring injury and has missed the Dodgers' last three games (and he was but a pinch-hitter in the two contests prior). There is talk of the team sending him to the disabled list. Puig is hitting .255/.316/.376 with 7 home runs and 32 RBI this season; his .692 OPS is the worst of his career and well below the big-league average. But he's still electrifying at his best, and the Dodgers will rely on him as they chase the playoffs.

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