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Boston infielder Hanley Ramirez steals spotlight from Ortiz in penultimate homestand

Hanley Ramirez upstages David Ortiz in the slugger's penultimate home stand at Fenway Park, helping sweep the New York Yankees in four games.

Big Papi David Ortiz has just three more regular season home games left for the Boston Red Sox, but this past week, it was his teammate -- the much-maligned Hanley Ramirez -- who, after signing with the Red Sox in the fall of 2014, hit .249, with just 19 home runs and 53 RBIs in his first season with the club -- who stole the show.

Over the last seven games -- all at Fenway Park, and all against AL East opponents -- Ramirez hit .462 (6th in the majors), with five home runs (tied for the MLB lead) and 12 RBIs, scoring five runs, and posting a 1.594 OPS, good for second in baseball.

Ramirez was also first in the big leagues in slugging (1.077), and was sixth in on-base percentage (.517).

It was a tight race this week, as Ramirez narrowly beat out Oakland Athletics outfielder Khris Davis, who also slugged five home runs, hit .400, drove in 13 runs, led the big leagues with nine runs scored, and drew seven walks, with an OPS of 1.571, an OBP of .531 and a slugging percentage of 1.040.

How did Ramirez eek out the win? Firstly, the Red Sox went 5-2, sweeping the rival New York Yankees in four games by an aggregate margin of seven runs, including two one-run squeakers over the weekend.

In the opening act of the series, Ramirez upstaged Ortiz, following up the retiring slugger's solo shot in the eighth inning with a walk-off three-run job in the ninth on a 3-1 offering from Dellin Betances.

In Friday's 7-4 win, Ramirez went 2-for-3 with a pair of RBIs, staking Boston to a 2-0 lead with an RBI single in the bottom of the first, following up an Ortiz RBI single.

In the bottom of the fourth, Ramirez poked his 26th homer of the season to center, giving the Red Sox a 3-0 lead -- one that the Red Sox would not relinquish.

In Boston's 6-5 win over the Yankees on Saturday, Ramirez went 3-for-4 with his 28th double of the season, but without a run or an RBI. He made up for that on Sunday, with a 3-for-4, four-RBI game, striking with a three-run home run in the bottom of the fifth to put the Red Sox on the board after New York jumped out to a 4-0 lead.

Ramirez then put the capper on scoring with his 28th home run of the season on a payoff pitch from Tyler Clippard in the bottom of the seventh, giving Boston the one-run winning margin with his solo shot.

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