Q&A with John Drennen

OF John Drennen has earned the reputation as a budding outfield prospect while playing at Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego. A senior this year, Drennen is one of the nation's best power-speed combos and it projected to be selected in one of the first two rounds in the 2005 MLB Draft despite committing to UCLA for next season.

Drennen hit .460 11 home runs and stole 11 bases his junior year at Rancho Bernardo HS, earning a selection to the AFLAC All-American Classic in August. Playing in the national high school version of the All-Star game, Drennen impressed scouts with his 2-2 performance with two stolen bases. He hit 14 home runs with 41 RBI in his sophomore year and was named the Cal-Hi Sophomore of the Year for the state of California. Drennen is an athletic and versatile outfielder that has already drawn comparisons to Steve Finely for his defensive and offensive ability. John Drennen sat down with Scout.com for a quick Q&A session.

If you could pick one thing to accomplish in your senior season, what would that be?
To win CIS, which is the farthest our team could advance, this year.

Do you have any personal goals for yourself for your senior season?
Just to play baseball.

Have you committed to a college for next September?
I will be attending UCLA.

What factor(s) made you decide on UCLA?
I just really liked their coaches and felt it was a nice environment for me.

Is there a player in the majors that you model your game after, or see yourself similar to?
I like a couple of them like Jim Edmonds and Mark Kotsay

What is your favorite MLB team?
The San Diego Padres.

Talk a little about some of your strengths as a player?
My speed is definitely a strength, and knowing how to be a smart and successful base runner.

What aspects of your game are you currently working on improving?
Just trying to improve in every aspect of the game.

Which outfield positions do you see yourself playing in the future?
I see myself as a center fielder.

The Major League Baseball draft will be coming up sooner than expected. Do you have any expectations for it?
I am just worried on playing baseball, and playing the game to the best of my abilities, and the rest will take care of itself.

How did you get into the game of baseball?
I started playing at age four. That was really first time I really picked up any type of bat and swung it

How would you rate your experience in playing around the country and constantly in front of scout's eyes?
Well my outlook is that I am going to play the game I love, and I just have people watching me play that game. It does not bother me, nor do I let it affect the way I play. I just go out their and have fun.

You mentioned earlier that your speed in a big strength in your game. How would you rate your speed?
From a scale of 1-10 I would rate it an 8.

Where do you see yourself in the batting lineup down the road, whether in college or professional baseball?
I see myself as a leadoff hitter.

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