Q&A with Justin Bristow

Justin Bristow of Mills Godwin High School in Richmond, Virginia is one of the nation's top two-way players in high school. Bristow, both a pitcher and a shortstop, is a top athletic talent who even plays quarterback for Mills Godwin football. Even though he has committed to Auburn University next year, Bristow is widely considered a lock as a Top 15 selection in next year's MLB Draft.

Bristow is easily one of the best two-way players. As a pitcher, Bristow is 22-2 in his high school career and has some of the best command in the country. Armed with a fastball that is clocked in the 90-92 mph range, Bristow has some of the filthiest breaking stuff in next year's MLB Draft crop. A four-year starter on the varsity team, Bristow broke on to the scene with an amazing 9-0 record as a freshman and went 9-1 with a 0.83 ERA as a junior in 2004.

Just for good measure, Bristow is also one of the nation's best hitters. Despite playing shortstop in his high school career, many scouts believe his future is as a third baseman, comparing him to Troy Glaus of the Angels. Bristow hit .471 as a junior with seven homeruns and earned First Team All-District and First Team All-Region honors as both a pitcher and a shortstop. Justin sat down with Scout.com for a Q&A session.

When your not playing baseball, how do you spend your free time?
I like to play football, as well as hunt and fish.

Is football something you plan to continue with?
I had some possibilities were I could had play in college, but I really didn't want to. I had already committed to Auburn just for baseball so I decided to stick with that.

What position do you see yourself playing in the future?
I see myself playing third base everyday. I play short stop for my high school team, and played some third base this summer, and many scouts see me as a third baseman as well. I have power and hit for average, so I guess I profile as a better third baseman.

How have you handled the transition so far?
Just a different angle basically. You have to know what balls are yours, what balls to cut off, and things to that extent, but overall the transition is not that difficult.

What were the deciding factors in you choosing Auburn?
Been in contact with their coaches probably ever since my freshman year, and their whole coaching staff is really good, and their facilities down there are just amazing and I just liked the atmosphere down there.

Will you pitch as well as hit while in Auburn?
Yes, I will be doing both.

What is your outlook for your senior season?
Hopefully have a good year, help my team win and just become an overall better baseball player.

What are your expectations for the 2005 draft?
It is always an honor to be an early round pick, but right now I can only try to improve and play the game and however it turns out, do what is best for me, whether is it going to college or signing professional

Is there a player in the majors you see yourself similar to?
Probably Troy Glaus because we are both big infielders, and he someone who played short stop in college and eventually moved to third base.

Talk a little about the competition in Virginia?
Baseball in Virginia is really good actually. We have three really good top prospects in the nation and it is always competition. As far as summer baseball goes it always it better, just because you have the best players from all around the country

How would you rate your experience with the US National Team?
It was fun to travel all around, play and meet the top players in the country and also winning the gold medal pretty much capped it off. That clearly has to be one of my most memorable moments.

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