Q&A with Iain Sebastian

Iain Sebastian is a huge presence on the mound and in the batter's box for Columbus High School in Columbus, Georgia. Armed with a Major League fastball, Sebastian projects to be a top-notch pitching prospect heading into the 2005 MLB Draft. Throw in the fact he's a devastating hitter, there's no wonder why he projects to be a first round pick next year.

Sebastian is an imposing figure on the mound. At 6'5" and 235 lbs, Sebastian uses his 96 MPH fastball to overpower opposing batters and then keeps them off balance with with a 78 MPH curveball. As a junior for Columbus High School in 2004, Sebastian went a perfect 13-0 with a 1.86 ERA. He held opposing batters to a pathetic .119 batting average and struck out 116 in just 79 innings. As good a pitcher as he is, he also is a world beater at the plate. Playing the outfield and first base, Sebastian hit .355 with 12 homeruns last season. He earned a selection to the AFLAC All-American Classic as one of the top rising seniors because of his two-way abilities.

Iain Sebastian sat down with Scout.com for a Q&A session.

Do you play any other sports?
I played football up to entering high school, and I played basketball up to my sophomore year of high school.

Was the risk of getting injured the reason you stopped?
Yes it was.

You pitch (RHP) as well as play the outfield. Which do you see yourself as in the future?
I see myself either as a closer or starter but as far as a position I see myself more of a first baseman. I will probably end up pitching as well as hitting in the college ranks, and if I get drafted and play professional baseball most likely I will be drafted as a pitcher

What is your repertoire as a pitcher?
I throw a 2 seam fastball, a 4 seam fastball, a change-up, curve ball and slider.

Which pitch do you feel most comfortable throwing?
My fastball and my change-up right now would have to be my two best pitches.

Is there a new pitch you on working on developing or any changes you are trying to do?
I am just really trying to learn how to make the ball cut different ways, and get some movement on it.

Talk a little about your experience playing in different showcases, and constantly being watched by scouts?
Any time you play in front of college scouts or professional scouts there is always some sort of pressure that you put on yourself because you want to show them how good you can play the game, and the type of person you are on and off the field.

Would you say it gets easier playing in front of scouts and college coaches with each time you participate in a showcase?
I wouldn't say easier, however you just get more accustomed to it and you can relax and really play baseball, and do things they want to see.

What is your outlook entering your final season as a high school athlete?
My goals is to try to make the team better and work on my pitching a little, just using my body and try to understand pitching a little more.

Do you see yourself as a role model figure to the younger players being a high profiled senior?
Yes, definitely. I do try to help out the younger players, and try to help them understand what it will take to get to the top, and be a top high school team. Obviously you want to always make your team better and live up to the hype and expectations set out for you.

At what age did you begin playing baseball?
I was five years old when I first started and I just worked my way up in different leagues and just found a love for it and just kept going with it.

Talk a little about the upcoming 2005 MLB Draft?
Hopefully I will get drafted. My goal though is to try and stay healthy. What place I get drafted will depend on the scouts, but my dream is to play in the major leagues and for me to fulfill that goal means a team drafting me and then it means me taking advantage of that situation.

I am sure you are familiar with the book Moneyball. Ba high school pitcher about to enter the draft, what are your thoughts about the pitching issues raised in Moneyball?
They do have a point because every time a pitcher faces some better competition it will make them better and show what kind of talent they really have, but at the same time you need to understand college pitchers are a little more polished spending at least 3 years in a program and learning the game more.

What has been your biggest baseball moment so far?
Winning the state championship for my HS team and being apart of the AFLAC All-American game are two of my biggest athletic accomplishments.

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