Q&A with Buster Posey

Senior Buster Posey of Lee County High School is Leesburg, Georgia, is another standout player in a draft stacked with two-way players at the high school level. A very good pitcher and shortstop, Posey is expected to be drafted in one of the first couple of rounds in the 2005 MLB Draft despite committing to Florida State University.

Buster Posey went 10-1 with a 1.53 ERA as a junior in 2004, striking out 102 batters. As a shortstop for Lee County HS, Posey hit .544 with 7 homeruns last season and earned a selection to the AFLAC All-American Classic. He was the starting shortstop on the East squad and was able to showcase his pitching as well, striking out two batters in his one inning of work. One of the better two-way players in the country, Buster Posey sat down with Scout.com for a Q&A session to give us some insights on which position he thinks is his future.

At what age did you begin playing baseball?
I began playing ever since I can remember. It is one of those things you love to do. My parents never forced it upon me, and it was something I just always loved to do.

What are you goals and expectations for this season?
My main goal is to go out and play the season as hard as I possibly could, and as a team you just want to advance as far as possible.

What would you say has been your most memorable baseball moment?
When I was 11 we played in the Dixie World Series, which is for the South East Region, and we won that in 1998 and that is a pretty memorable experience for me.

Is it hard to maintain your good grades while traveling around the country and playing baseball?
I am taking a pretty heavy load this year in my senior year to catch up on things I missed out earlier, but fortunate for me I have always been a good student, and I just try to take pride in my work ethic in the class room and on the field, and in the end they both balance out.

Do you see yourself as a pitcher or a short stop in the future?
It is really hard to say right now, however I probably see myself more of a pitcher down the road..

What college will you be attending in 2005?
I signed with Florida State on November 10.

Why did you choose Florida State?
The deciding factor was that I felt real good with the coaches when I visited and felt real comfortable with the surroundings. I got along real well with Coach Martin, and felt it was the best fit for me.

Which pitches do you feature in your repertoire?
I throw a fast ball, curve ball, slider, change-up. My best pitch is my fast ball. I throw a 4 seamer, and a 2 seamer, so definitely my best is the fast ball. My curve ball and slider could be dominating on any given day as well, and my change up has improved a lot.

You have a small stature as a pitcher standing at 6'0. Do you think there is a bias on pitchers your size?
I just think it does not matter how big or how small you are. All you have to do is look at someone like Greg Maddux, and other guys who are not your prototypical pitcher. Baseball is a mental game, and you could be a dominate pitcher without being big, and just thinking yourself through the game. I have always been a big believer in hard work and I believe when you set your mind to something you will accomplish that.

How would you rate your experience traveling around the country and playing in different showcases?
I definitely say it was a positive experience, because it gives you a taste of what you will face down the road in college and professional baseball. Once you get to that level you travel a lot so that is just one aspect in which it helps you prepare yourself for the future.

Do you get nervous pitching in front of college coaches and professional scouts?
Not so much. I try to treat each outing the same and keep things as simple as possible.

Is there somebody in your life that you would consider a role model?
You know to tell you the truth there is not one person I model things after. I try to talk with different people and take things from those people.

What is your outlook for the 2005 MLB Draft?
My goal is to obviously get drafted, and get drafted high. I don't really know if I have expectations, however it is something I really am looking forward to and something that will be fun for me.

Would you like to share with us how you got your name?
[Laughing] It is not my legal name, I have been called that since birth. To tell you the truth there really is not a funny story to it, although I wish there was [ ] cause with a name like Buster you really could use a funny story to go along with it. It comes from my Dad side of the family though.

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