Winter Meetings: Calm Before The Storm

<b>ANAHEIM</b> – If there was ever a 'calm before the storm,' this might be it.<br> <br> Compared to the bustling activity seen on Friday and Saturday, the halls of the Anaheim Marriott were practically barren on Sunday morning.

Imagine being able to walk from the media conference room all the way to the lobby without bumping into a single general manager, agent or camera crew? If you were here the first two days of the MLB Winter Meetings, you'd know just how crazy that is.

But with one full day left in the weekend before Monday's Rule V Draft takes precedence, nobody has checked out of the hotel. That means one thing – most of the power brokers in charge are off doing something in locked suites, trying to hammer out the next big deal that will lead them to the podium.

A look at what might be next:

  • The Anaheim Angels are closing in on free agent Matt Clement, according to several reports, although they still face some stiff competition. Clement is weighing offers from a number of teams, including the Angels' nearby rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    The Los Angeles Daily News reported that the Angels have given Clement a three-year offer worth between $7 million and $9 million a year.

  • Carl Pavano's negotiations with the Yankees are considered to be a mere formality, and many expect an announcement to be made before the Winter Meetings conclude.

    A four-year, $39 million contract is in the works. However, the official press conference would probably be held off until next week, saving Pavano a cross-country journey and allowing the Yankees to show off their catch in the Bronx.

  • The Yankees are still in a holding pattern regarding Jaret Wright's flunked physical. We've been hearing whispers that the Yankees may actually be rooting for the deal to collapse, since now there are some better options – like Tim Hudson – available for the short term.

    For their part, the Braves are saying that Wright was fine and dandy when he was in their employ.

    "He was healthy," GM John Schuerholz said. "Healthy as a horse for us."

  • Despite Omar Minaya's denials on Saturday, the Mets may actually be close to improving their winter haul of Kris Benson and Felix Heredia. New York is reportedly negotiating with Moises Alou on a contract that could be signed as early as today, and may also be trying to sign veteran journeyman Wil Cordero as a backup infielder.

    The East Valley Tribune also reported that the Mets have discussed a trade that would send Cliff Floyd to the Arizona Diamondbacks. If the Mets sign Alou, a Floyd trade frees up left field but still leaves the Mets needing a right fielder and a first baseman.

  • Speaking of the Diamondbacks, the team has an offer on the table to infielder Royce Clayton.

  • All this talk and still just two trades complete as of 5:00 p.m. Eastern: the Braves-Brewers swap of Danny Kolb and Jose Capellan, and the Pirates-Indians swap of Matt Lawton and Arthur Rhodes.

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