Tigers Announce Winter League Assignments

When it comes to player development, taking six months off from the game can often be the worst course of action. Which is why many players elect to play winter ball down in Latin America or the Caribbean. Which Tigers are preparing to play winter ball and where?

Played with Big League Club in 2010
Alfredo Figaro, RHP, Dominican Republic, Estrellas
Jeff Frazier, OF, Dominican Republic, Estrellas
Enrique Gonzalez, RHP, Venezuela, Tiburones
Ramon Santiago, INF, Dominican Republic, Gigantes
Robbie Weinhardt, RHP, Puerto Rico, Senadores
Casper Wells, OF, Puerto Rico, Senadores

Other Players Currently on 40 Man Roster Audy Ciriaco, 3B, Dominican Republic, Escogido

Minor Leaguers
Andy Dirks, OF, Dominican Republic, Azucareos/Toros
Alexis Espinoza, OF, Venezuela, Caribes
Avisail Garcia, OF, Venezuela, Caribes
Edwin Gomez, OF, Puerto Rico, Criollas
Ryan Ketchner, LHP, Dominican Republic, Estrellas
Max Leon, INF, Mexico, Tomateros
Luis Marte, RHP, Dominican Republic, Escogido
Miguel Mejia, RHP, Puerto Rico, Giants
Aldo Navia, OF, Colombia, Aquilas
Gustavo Nunez, SS, Dominican Republic, Escogido
Lester Oliveros, RHP, Venezuela, Caribes
Jose Ortega, RHP, Venezuela, Magallanes
Wilfredo Ramirez, LHP, Venezuela, Tiburones
Luis Sanz, RHP, Venezuela, Leones
Michael Torrealba, RHP, Venezuela, Tiburones
Brayan Villarreal, RHP, Venezuela, Caribes
Thad Weber, RHP, Venezuela, Leones

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