2010 TigsTown Player Capsule: Austin Jackson

Ready to take a look back at the performers of 2010 and what's in store for them in 2011? Head inside to read the 2010 player capsules! The Tigers got a great debut season out of Rookie of the Year runner-up Austin Jackson.

Five Numbers That Sum Up The Season

WAR Rank





4th (3.8)





What It All Means

Austin Jackson wrapped up his debut campaign with the Tigers in what everyone would describe as a resounding success. Among qualifying centerfielders, Jackson's WAR ranked fourth at 3.8. That's better than a number of perceivably top centerfielders out there, including the man they traded him for, Curtis Granderson. AJax as he popularly became known as, also provided stellar defense with a UZR/150 of 5.9 and a couple of highlight reel grabs that helped Tigers fans forget Granderson. He also put his speed on display on the basepaths and did so with incredible efficiency, swiping 27 bases with a success rate of over 80%. There were still of course a couple of concerning statistics. Jackson's BAbip was a ridiculously high .396, and while he's consistently been a player that posts an average on balls in play well above average, even that is likely to come back to earth, which will result in a drop in his average. Jackson's power also was lacking, though the hope remains that as he fills out and fully develops physically, additional power will still come. And of course he still struck out plenty, with 170.

What Does the Future Hold

The Tigers got a good one in Jackson, and he'll be manning center field for the Tigers for the foreseeable future. When he makes contact, he hits the ball hard, and in a rookie year, did a respectable job at taking walks. He also played very good defense for a team where that's vital given the large center field in Comerica Park. By all fair accounts, even though he came in second, he was deserving of the Rookie of the Year award, and on a better team, likely would have won it. However, based on the numbers, Tigers fans should brace themselves now for a bit of a sophomore slump so-to-speak. His BAbip is due to drop which will pull down his average (and in turn every other offensive performance statistic), and we still don't know if that power is still developing, or just not going to come. Jackson is already a solid big leaguer, and still has the potential to be great, but it will important for fans to keep their expectations in check in year two with a then 24-year old.

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