'10 TigsTown Player Capsule: Jeremy Bonderman

Ready to take a look back at the performers of 2010 and what's in store for them in 2011? Head inside to read the 2010 player capsules! Jeremy Bonderman returned to the rotation in 2010, but didn't have the season everyone hoped for.

Five Numbers That Sum Up The Season

Career ERA



FB Velo.







What It All Means

It of course was a disappointing year for Jeremy Bonderman, in his first full season back since his arm injury midway through the 2008 season. But more than two years removed from the injury, it doesn't appear as if Bonderman is going to re-capture some of the ability that he had, and the reality is that he never quite panned out to be the type of prospect we all thought he could be. His average velocity finished below 90 for the year (for a guy that was typically averaging 93), and his strikeout-to-walk ratio ended up below two, also well below his career mark. His BAbip was right around league average, so there doesn't appear to be issues of misfortune for Bonderman, it simply appears to be that Bonderman was a well below average starter in 2010. He likely was only an average starter to begin with before the injuries, and this has just further zapped him.

What Does the Future Hold

Bonderman is a free agent this off-season, and unless the Tigers elect to potentially bring him back as a non-roster invitee if no one else offers him a contract, the odds of him returning to Detroit are very, very low. The first much hyped prospect of the Dave Dombrowski era, Bonderman never developed a third pitch, and never became more than a middle of the rotation type starter. The injury (which may or may not have been due to the heavy workload he took on since his early 20's, we'll never know) robbed that of him, and now Bonderman will likely battle to hang on to a big league job, but will probably take that battle somewhere else.

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