2010 TigsTown Player Capsule: Jose Valverde

Ready to take a look back at the performers of 2010 and what's in store for them in 2011? Head inside to read the 2010 player capsules! Jose Valverde had one of the most dominating stretches in recent memory for Tigers pitchers, that is up until one turning point re-directed his dominating season.

Five Numbers That Sum Up The Season

Pre* ERA

Post* ERA


Zone% Chg.







* = 60 Pitch Game

What It All Means

The triumphs and struggles of Jose Valverde have been well documented already, so there's not too much of a need to dive back in. That being said, Valverde was absolutely lights out for the Tigers in the first half, and it wasn't just smoke and mirrors – his June FIP was 1.35, May was 2.50. Valverde was on his game for the first half. But when that 60 pitch game happened in Boston, things went downhill for Valverde, with his ERA more than doubling after that game as opposed to before it (not including the game itself). The clear lesson there is that the fatigue his arm sustained in that game (especially considering he pitched 6 times in the week leading up to it) was a detriment to his performance for the rest of the season. Extreme fatigue for a pitcher can often times lead to a breakdown in mechanics, and that breakdown will often lead to injury. So, the Tigers may have lost that game, but they lost their lights out closer for the second half of the season because of it.

What Does the Future Hold

Jose Valverde is locked in as the team's closer for 2011, and with an off-season to re-charge, should be ready to be the lights out closer that he was through the first few months of 2010. Another reliable bullpen arm should help the team's cause and avoid situations like the one last summer, when manager Jim Leyland had no reasonable alternative to win the game, but in all reality, winning that game probably cost them more games in the final two months (given both his limited availability along with two blown saves and two losses). So, Valverde should be back to his spring 2010 form, but now it will be on Leyland to avoid putting him in a position to not excel in the role.

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