2010 TigsTown Player Capsule: Eddie Bonine

Ready to take a look back at the performers of 2010 and what's in store for them in 2011? Head inside to read the 2010 player capsules! Eddie Bonine got pegged early in the year as a "valuable" reliever, but his value might have been overstated.

Five Numbers That Sum Up The Season


2nd Half ERA









What It All Means

Eddie Bonine started the 2010 year off strong and carried that level of performance throughout much of the first half. He received praise from many a fan for how much value he added to the team's bullpen, being able to give the team quality long relief innings. Of course, that was more mirage than effectiveness. It's not that Bonine was bad, it's just that he wasn't very good. His second half ERA ballooned to 7.52 (evening out his sub-3 ERA for the first half) and dropping his ERA+ below 100. One commonly overlooked statistic was his inherited runners, for which he's always struggled with. In '10, he allowed 61% (vs. a MLB average in 2010 of 31%) of the runners he inherited to cross the plate. That doesn't ding his ERA, but it goes on the scoreboard all the same, limiting his effectiveness. His WAR finished up just barely below zero, after a 2009 in which it was just barely positive. All in all, making him about even when it comes to a replacement player.

What Does the Future Hold

Bonine likely would have had the odds stacked against him if he were in Detroit in 2011 in fighting for a bullpen spot – like stated above, it's not that he was bad, it's just that he wasn't good, and is relatively easy to replace. Instead of returning to the Tigers, Bonine signed a minor league deal with the Philadelphia Phillies along with a non-roster invite to big league spring training, where he'll try and earn a spot on the big league club there.

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