MLB Draft Scouting Report: Phillip Evans

Scouting reports are the foundation of the talent evaluation system, and the reports that are used on draft day are developed from multiple viewings over the course of a player's amateur career. As part of our draft coverage here at, we'll be providing team quality first-hand scouting reports on the names you need to know on draft day. Here's a look at prep shortstop, Phil Evans.

Name: Phillip Evans
Position: Shortstop
School: LaCosta Canyon H.S.
Height: 5-foot-10
Weight: 180
Bats/Throws: R/R

Events Scouted: Perfect Game National, AFLAC All-American

Physical Description

Evans is not physically imposing. He has a smallish frame, but is physically strong and durable enough to hold up in the grind of pro ball. He's going to need to stay on top of his frame as he gets older to maintain his athleticism and agility. The 5-foot-10 Evans is somewhat stocky at this stage, and will need to keep his quickness as he physically matures.


The hit tool is what separates Evans. When scouts use the word professional approach they are referring to hitters like Evans. He has solid tools across the board, but will translate as well any prep player in the country into professional baseball. His swing is short and compact, and he's able to consistently square up off speed offerings. His approach is quiet at the plate, and he stays inside the baseball very well particularly for a player his age. Evans is a rare breed that could be a perennial .300 hitter at the next level given his quick hands and bat control. He squares the ball as often as any player in the high school class. His hit tool is a potential future 7 on the 2-8 scouting scale.


Power isn't the key feature of Evans game, but given his lack size he has surprising pop. He has clear power to his pull side, and enough pop to drive balls to the gap to right-center on the breaking ball away. At his peak he could provide solid-average power at the shortstop position, and hit 10-15 home runs annually. He has room to gain strength, but more important to his game is maintaining his athleticism. It wouldn't be surprising to see even a little more power if you watched the easy raw power he produces in batting practice.


Evans is a plus runner and has real good idea of how to operate on the base paths. He's at least a 6 runner and should be able to maintain that as he physically matures. Given his aptitude for the game. Evans could be a particularly dangerous 30 stolen base threat that knows how to pick his spots at the next level.


The question for a shortstop is can he stick at the position for a long haul. The answer for Evans is yes. He showed on the showcase tour last summer he could make the throws from deep in the hole and had a solid-average arm for the position. His hands set him apart, however, and he figures to be a shortstop that can make all the plays and will be especially good ranging to his left. In these events, he also consistently showed outstanding body control and coordination making tough plays and throwing across his body after ranging far up the middle.


I've never used this comparison before and don't use it lightly, but when you think Phil Evans, think Derek Jeter. They are not similar in physical terms, but in terms of profile it's the type of player Evans could be both in terms of result and intangibles. There are players with tools in this draft class that will "wow" more than this young shortstop, but few match his maturity and hit tool. And, that hit tool is the most difficult thing for a scout to find. Evans fits the profile of a player who will make consistent solid contact, will use the whole field, and have no trouble making the adjustments against tougher pitching as he moves up.

Couple that unique skill set at the plate with his feel for the game, and Evans has the look of a shortstop a team would draft out of a major college program and expect to move up the ladder quickly. Compared to most high school players, much of the work is done with Phil Evans. He's sound mechanically in the field and at the plate, and brings a leadership quality that teams obviously covet. The team that buys into his hit tool as much as I have after seeing him multiple times is the team that will view Evans as a future cog for them at the shortstop position.

Draft Projection: Supplemental First Round

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