TigsTown Q&A: 30th Rd Pick Greg Milhorn

With the 917th overall pick (30th round) in the 2011 MLB draft, the Detroit Tigers picked right-handed pitcher Greg Milhorn out of Arkansas High School in Texarkana, AR. The right-hander took a few minutes to chat with TigsTown's Mark Anderson on Sunday.

TigsTown: First things first, how does it feel to be drafted by the Tigers?

Greg Milhorn: it's just an honor to get your name called in any round, by any team. It's just a pleasure to be drafted. I'm glad the Tigers picked me.

TT: Did you know the Tigers were on you or was it a surprise when they called your name?

GM: I really hadn't been in contact with them that much. I knew they came to one game, but that was it. It was a bit of a shock.

TT: Were there some teams that you had been in more contact with that you thought might pop you?

GM: I figured it would be either the Blue Jays or Yankees.

TT: As I understand it, you have a dual commitment for college. Is that correct?

GM: Yes, sir. I am committed to Arkansas and San Jacinto Junior College.

TT: I know it's early, but have you given any thought to whether you're going to head to school or sign with the Tigers?

GM: Well, we're kind of stuck in the middle with that. If the money is right, I would be open to signing.

TT: For those fans out there that don't know anything about you, could you describe yourself as a pitcher?

GM: Well, I'm not a very big guy. I'm just 6-foot-2 and I don't weight very much. You wouldn't think I throw as hard as I do, but I throw in the low-90s.

TT: Do you have any other pitches that you like to throw beside the fastball?

GM: I have a curveball, a change-up, and a slider.

TT: Is one of them your go-to pitch, or will you mix all of them in from time to time?

GM: I throw them all. It all depends on the hitter. If I think I can get him with the curveball, I'll throw the curveball. If he's was ahead on stuff, I'll throw the change-up. If he's chasing pitches, I'll throw my slider.

TT: Are there any current or former big leaguers that you've tried to mold your game afer?

GM: Well, I like to close. I kind of look at Mariano Rivera.

TT: Do you know anything about the Tigers organization or is that still something you've got to learn more about?

GM: I really don't know anything about their minor league system or programs. I only know about the Major League club.

TT: Your chance for the last word, Greg. What do you want Tiger fans to know?

GM: I just want them to know that I'm feeling good cause I got my name called. I'm really excited, and hopefully I can pitch for the Tigers someday.

TigsTown would like to thank Greg for taking time out of his schedule to talk for a few minutes. We wish him the best of luck in any negotiations with the Tigers and hopefully we'll get a chance to see him on the field as a Tiger in the near future!

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