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Stay current with all the roster movement and personnel decisions with the TigsTown Transaction Blog. The Tigers aren't being shy with 5th rounder Brian Flynn as they are sending him straight to West Michigan to begin his career this weekend. Brennan Smith is the casualty in this roster move, as he will head to Connecticut.


Assigned Brian Flynn (LHP) to West Michigan

Re-assigned Brennan Smith (RHP) from West Michigan to Connecticut

Activated Zach Simons (RHP) from the 7-day DL

Placed Casey Crosby (LHP) on the 7-day DL (left rotator cuff strain)

David Lizardo (SS) retired

Placed John Murrian (C) on the 7-day DL (hamstring)

Re-assigned Jeff Kunkel (C) from Lakeland to Erie

Re-assigned PJ Polk (OF) from West Michigan to Connecticut

Signed Jason Krizan (OF) and assigned him to West Michigan

Analysis: Flynn is a big-armed lefty with big time college experience that should help him handle the aggressive assignment to West Michigan. It's a good test for a player the Tigers like very much.

Simons has been on the DL dealing with a blister on his right thumb, that on the heels of some back trouble that's been hampering him much of the season. All indications are that he's ready to get back on track at this point.

Yet another injury for Crosby, who just can't seem to say healthy. He has already missed two complete seasons in 2008 and 2010 since signing in August 2007. This time the issue isn't with his previously repaired elbow, but with his left rotator cuff. It is important to note that a strain -- as the injury was reported -- is a tear, but we do not know the degree of the strain.

Lizardo was a young infielder the Tigers had high hopes for with a plus glove and some potential to hit. He was forced to retire after becoming very ill during the 2010 season. His focus since has been on getting healthy and living a normal life. According to Tom Moore, the Tigers Director of International Operations, Lizardo is considering starting his own baseball program to stay close to the game.

Posted by Mark, 06/18/11


Signed Daniel Bennett (RHP)

Signed Jonathan Ogden (SS)

Signed Wes Thigpen (C)

Signed Zach Maxfield (1B)

Released Steve Crnkovich (RHP)

Analysis: Bennett was expected to sign quickly once Florida State's season was done. He will join the Connecticut roster in the coming days.

Ogden and Thigpen were part of the Mississippi State team that gave Florida all they could handle in the Gainesville Super Regional. Ogden is a solid shortstop that has the ability to play there as a pro and Thigpen is an exceptional leader with some plus defensive tools, including his arm and intelligence.

Posted by Mark, 06/16/11


Signed Brian Stroud (RHP)

Signed Guido Knudson (RHP)

Re-assigned Robbie Weinhardt (RHP) from Toledo to Erie

Signed CJ Retheford (UT) and assigned him to Erie

Re-assigned Zach Samuels (RHP) from Erie to Lakeland

Re-assigned Javier Azcona (INF) from West Michigan to Connecticut

Re-assigned Josh Ashenbrenner (INF) from EST to West Michigan

Placed Justin Henry (UT) on the 7-day DL

Released Byron Aird (C)

Posted by Mark, 06/15/11


Signed Jason King (3B)

Signed Brian Flynn (LHP)

Signed Chad Wright (OF)

Signed Dean Gren (1B)

Signed Jeff Holm (OF)

Signed Ryan Woolley (RHP)

Signed Patrick Smith (OF)

Signed Ismael Salgado (OF)

Signed Matt Crouse (LHP)

Signed Colin Kaline (2B)

Signed Montreal Robertson (RHP)

Signed Brandon Eckerle (OF)

Signed Dan Kickham (RHP)

Signed Zach Maggard (C)

Signed Eric Heckaman (RHP)

Signed Jacob Sabol (RHP)

Signed Nick Avila (RHP)

Signed Christian Matz (OF)

Posted by Mark, 06/13/11


Activated Magglio Ordonez (OF) from the 15-day DL (ankle)

Outrighted Enrique Gonzalez (RHP) to Toledo

Signed Scott Matyas (RHP)

Signed Dan Kickham (RHP)

Signed Tyler Barrett (LHP)

Analysis: The Tigers have been rolling over the last couple of weeks. That makes Ordonez's return even more interesting, as the club isn't in dire need of his bat. Brennan Boesch has been hitting well, and Jim Leyland has been mixing and matching with Casper Wells and Andy Dirks on the other corner. Where Ordonez fits will be interesting to watch.

Gonzalez comes off the 40-man roster for the second time this season. At some point the organization is just going to cut bait on the veteran right-hander, but apparently not quite yet.

Posted by Mark, 06/12/11


Recalled Adam Wilk (LHP) from Toledo

Activated Phil Coke (LHP) from the 15-day DL (foot/ankle)

Recalled Omir Santos (C) from Toledo

Optioned Omir Santos (C) from Detroit to Toledo

Re-instated David Purcey (LHP) from the Paternity List

Re-assigned Luke Putkonen (RHP) from Erie to Lakeland

Activated Brooks Brown (RHP) from the 7-day DL (shoulder)

Re-assigned Brooks Brown (RHP) from Toledo to Erie

Placed Zach Simons (RHP) on the 7-day DL (back/thumb)

Re-assigned Zach Samuels (RHP) from Lakeland to Erie

Re-assigned Ramon Garcia (LHP) from Erie to Toledo

Re-assigned Dan Gentzler (RHP) from West Michigan to Lakeland

Re-assigned Alex Burgos (LHP) from EST to West Michigan

Optioned Andrew Oliver (LHP) from Detroit to Toledo

Re-assigned Ramon Garcia (LHP) from Toledo to Erie

Cory Hamilton (RHP) retired

Placed Ryan Soares (INF) on the 7-day DL (broken arm)

Re-assigned Javier Azcona (INF) from EST to West Michigan

Re-assigned Jeff Kunkel from Toledo to Lakeland

Re-assigned Kevan Hess (RHP) from Lakeland to EST

James Meador (1B/3B) retired

Re-assigned Alexander Moreno (OF) from EST to Lakeland

Posted by Mark, 06/09/11


Activated Luis Marte (RHP) from the 7-day DL (shoulder)

Re-assigned Luis Marte (RHP) from Toledo to Erie

Re-assigned Zach Samuels (RHP) from Erie to Lakeland

Placed Matt Little (RHP) on the 7-day DL

Placed Brandon Inge (3B) on the 15-day DL (mono)

Recalled Omir Santos (C) from Toledo

Activated Nate Newman (RHP) from the 7-day DL (hamstring)

Re-assigned Tim Mowry (RHP) from West Michigan to EST

Analysis: Marte has been dealing with shoulder trouble since spring training and it appears he is finally right enough to get back in game action. One scout that saw him recently in EST said "He looks fine, not the same pitcher he was three years ago, but he's useful in AA."

Little's DL stint should carry some worry with it. Reports from scouts have had his velocity down to 88-90 for the most part this year instead of 92-94 where he was during the Fall Instructional League. That type of velocity loss is never a good sign, and an associated DL stint just adds to that.

Posted by Mark, 06/03/11


Released Jimmy Gulliver (INF)

Re-assigned Ryan Soares (INF) from Lakeland to West Michigan

Activated William Bergolla (INF) from the 7-day DL (finger)

Analysis: Some pretty minor moves in the grand scheme of the system, just shuffling some utility infielders around and trying to help the benches of the A-ball clubs.

Posted by Mark, 06/02/11


Placed Omir Santos (C) on the 7-day DL (head)

Re-assigned Jeff Kunkel (C) from Lakeland to Toledo

Re-assigned Bryan Pounds (3B/LF) from Erie to Toledo

Re-assigned Michael Rockett (OF) from Lakeland to Erie

Re-assigned Ramon Garcia (LHP) from Toledo to Erie

Re-assigned James Meador (1B) from EST to Lakeland

Activated Drew Smyly (LHP) from the 7-day DL (elbow)

Re-assigned Cory Hamilton (RHP) from Erie to Lakeland

Posted by Mark, 06/01/11

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