TigsTown Q&A: 20th Rd Pick Tyler Barrett

In recent years the Tigers have tapped into the talent at Lewis & Clark State College, drafting outfielder Brent Wyatt and infielder Josh Ashenbrenner. That trend continued in 2011 when they popped left-hander Tyler Barrett.

TigsTown: You're all signed and already in Connecticut to start the New York-Penn League season. What's the experience been like?

Tyler Barrett: It's been pretty surreal. It's all happened so quickly. It seems like everything has happened in two to three days, and then I was already in Florida and now up here in Connecticut. It just happened real quick, but I'm having a great time right now!

TT: So what are your early impressions of the coaches – Andrew Graham and Jorge Cordova – that you'll be working with this season?

TB: I actually haven't me them yet. I'm heading out to the field for our first workouts at 3:00 [on Wednesday] and that will be the first time I meet them. Everybody in Lakeland spoke really highly of them though. I'm looking forward to meeting them and working with them.

TT: Describe your approach on the mound for those fans that might not know anything about you.

TB: I work really quick. I pitch with a high level of intensity. I throw as many strikes as possible. If I had to pick one work to describe myself, I'd say I'm a bulldog out there. I get ahead of hitters as much as possible and throw lots of strikes.

TT: Walk me through your arsenal and what you rely on when you need to make that "big pitch."

TB: I have a fastball, curveball, cutter, and change-up. My go-to pitch when I need something special is really my change-up. That was a real big pitch for me this last year.

TT: What kind of change-up is it; a circle, straight, or some other kind of change-up?

TB: I throw a circle change.

TT: Did you have a chance to meet former Lewis & Clark player Brent Wyatt while you were in Lakeland?

TB: I haven't met Wyatt yet. They've also got Josh Ashenbrenner who I know a little bit, and I think he's up in West Michigan right now. He loves being in the organization. He just said to listen to what they tell you, work hard, and you can have success in the organization.

TT: Here's your chance to close the interview, Tyler. What do you want to tell Tiger fans?

TB: I'm just really excited to be here. They'll see a lot of intensity out of me when I go out to the mound. I'm an easy-going guy that likes to have fun. I have a lot of love and respect for the game, and I'm very excited to see what's in store for me in Connecticut.

TigsTown would like to thank Tyler for taking time out of his schedule to talk for a few minutes before his first official workout as a Connecticut Tiger. We wish him the best of luck this summer and look forward to following him on the field!

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