2011 TigsTools: Best Power Hitter

Looking at power is all about projection versus actualized, and this list focuses on the raw power that scouts will project in hopes that the player brings it into game action.

Best Power
1. Steven Moya (OF)
2. Aaron Westlake (1B)
3. James Robbins (1B)
4. Ryan Strieby (1B)
5. Alexander Moreno (OF)

Moya's raw power is absolutely off the charts. He will earn 80 grades from some scouts that differentiate between raw and usable power. In batting practice Moya has the ability to blast some of the longest home runs you will see, and even though he was over-matched in West Michigan he still showed plenty of game power in a tough hitter's league.

Westlake, Robbins and Strieby all offer plus to plus-plus raw power at times, and all three have shown the ability to bring that power into games. Westlake earns the nod as the best of the trio because of his easy ability to drive the ball out to all fields. Moreno offered the most power of any player on the Connecticut roster this year. Long limbed and full of strength, Moreno's power is mostly to the pull side but still impressive in many respects.

Honorable Mention
Nick Castellanos
Tony Plagman

Castellanos has plenty of power projection in his lean frame, but there are still many questions about how much loft he will ultimately add to his swing. Plagman shows 50-55 power at times and an ability to drive balls the other way.

Projection Kings
Adelyn Santa
Felix Santana
Danry Vasquez

While a player like Moya requires plenty of projection of his raw power, he has enough in-game power right now to see that the potential is really there. The three players highlighted here all have power projection, though it exists in different realms.

Vasquez has the long, lean body that many believe can fill out with good muscle mass and lead to more power to fit the corner outfield profile he currently possesses. Santa shows impressive raw power in batting practice, particularly for a 16-year old, but his hitting ability is very much in question. Santana's natural bat speed and aggressive hacks allow him to put a charge in the ball. If he can learn to elevate his swing without compromising his routinely solid contact, he could jump onto the ranked list in the future.

Others Considered
Juaner Aguasvivas
Rob Brantly
Tyler Collins
Daniel Fields
Avisail Garcia
Wade Gaynor
Dean Green
Jason King
Lenny Pena

Aguasvivas was the closest to making the Honorable Mention list above, but scouts ultimately questioned how much of his power was real and how much was a product of a slow bat with some strength behind it running into a few balls. Players like Brantly, Collins, Fields, Garcia, and King all profile as guys that could provide average power down the line.

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2011 TigsTools: Best Power

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