2011 TigsTown Player Capsule: Ramon Santiago

The Tigers didn't have an everyday second baseman, or even a most days second baseman in 2011. But among the musical chairs, it was Ramon Santiago that received the most time at the keystone.

Ramon Santiago

Five Numbers That Sum Up The Season





UZR/150 (2B)






What It All Means

The Tigers didn't have a clear second baseman in 2011, but it ended up being Santiago who took more innings there than everyone else. And as has been the case with Santiago, he delivered exactly what the Tigers expected; a solid glove with a respectable average, and a below-average overall offensive profile. As a utility man, he's clearly excelled for the Tigers, being able to move from second base to shortstop (and even occasionally third base), and in 2011, even delivered a little bit of pop with an ISO of 0.12. Santiago's WAR shows that he definitely continues to provide the club value, albeit not a ton, when he's out there.

What Does the Future Hold

The Tigers would love to have Santiago back, in a similar role that he performed the club this season, at a similar price. However, the Tigers believe Santiago is going to seek out an opportunity to play every day, and they also believe he will get it, especially given the lack of quality up-the-middle options there are on the free agent market. If Santiago doesn't get the offer he wants, he could be an option to return.

Contract Status

Santiago just wrapped up a two-year deal that paid him $2.5 million, with a salary of $1.35 million in 2011. He will likely be looking for a significant raise on the open market.

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