TigsTown 2011 Player Capsule: Brennan Boesch

After a blistering first half of 2010, Brennan Boesch had an equally frigid second half, leaving many to wonder what type of player the Tigers would get in 2011. Boesch for the most part split the difference at the plate with a solid overall season, but some questions still linger.

Brennan Boesch

Five Numbers That Sum Up The Season



2nd Half OPS

RF UZR/150

LF UZR/150






What It All Means

After Boesch's Jekyll and Hyde performance in 2010, many fans were eager to see which version of Boesch the Tigers would get in 2011. Boesch did a fairly good job of splitting the middle, posting an above-average OPS+ with his OPS almost hitting .800 as he manned left field and a little bit of right field. However, his BAbip was still high (which could be rationale for his higher than expected .283 batting average), and there were still signs of a second half tail-off, just not as extreme, and minimized thanks to missing the final month of the season. That could in part also be due to the thumb injury he tried to play through at first before eventually succumbing to season-ending surgery. Boesch's defense was also a concern, and the reality is that he wasn't particularly good in either corner outfield spot, but was "less bad" in right field than he was in left, contributing to the notion that he's better off taking for Magglio Ordonez in right.

What Does the Future Hold

The expectation for Boesch in 2012 is that he'll take over for Ordonez in right field, hit somewhere around the middle of the order (depending on how things shake out with the rest of the lineup) with a strong overall hitting and solid power. The question remains right now is whether or not Boesch can produce for a full season and hit like someone that deserves to play in right field, because while his bat might be more suited for left, his defense isn't.

Contract Status

With only two years of service time, Boesch will not be eligible for arbitration until 2013, meaning he will be under contract again this season for the minimum he's eligible for. Talks of any sort of extension to pre-empt arbitration should likely be held off until the Tigers see what Boesch can really do in year three.

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