2011 TigsTools: Best Outfield Arm

The list of best outfield arms in the Tigers system has been headed by Casper Wells for a couple of years now, but with his graduation from prospect status and departure to the Mariners, it was time to find a new big arm to lead the list.

Best Outfield Arm
1. Michael Rockett
2. Avisail Garcia
3. Daniel Carranza
4. Alexander Moreno
5. Brent Wyatt

Rockett is an extremely toolsy player that offers speed, arm strength, defensive ability, and power. His arm strength stands out among all of his tools and earns easy 60-grades from scouts. He unleashes his throws with a lightning fast arm and he possesses uncanny accuracy. Though he has played all over the outfield as a professional, his arm could easily support right field permanently.

Garcia is right there with Rockett in terms of raw arm strength. He takes a little longer to get rid of the ball but when its underway it shows impressive velocity. Reports on Daniel Carranza's arm have been conflicting over the years but I have received enough word from scouts in Latin America that give him legit plus grades on pure arm strength that he merits a spot in the top five.

Alexander Moreno has a long arm action that stems from his extremely long frame, but he generates above-average to plus arm strength when he lets go of the ball. Wyatt may look like the most unassuming of this group but he still rips off above-average throws from the outfield.

Honorable Mention
P.J. Polk

Polk earns some praise here for flashing a plus arm at times. He is inconsistent with his throwing mechanics which leads to a loss of velocity at times, but the raw arm strength is in there.

Projection Kings
Steven Moya
Danry Vasquez

Both Moya and Vasquez require physical maturation to develop their arm strength, but the projection is there for plus to plus-plus arms from both players. Moya is still extremely lanky and struggles with coordination at times, causing him to lose his throwing mechanics. Vasquez is simply young and raw and must learn to repeat his mechanics to allow his natural arm strength to show through.

Others Considered
Ben Guez

Guez is similar to Polk in that he will show above-average velocity at times but lacks the consistency necessary to steal a spot on the back of the list.

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2011 TigsTools: Best Outfield Arm

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