2011 TigsTools: Best Athlete

We wrap up the 2011 TigsTools series by looking at the best overall athletes in the Tigers system. Every system in baseball has a plethora of good athletes but this list is looking for those guys that stand out as freakish athletes that can do a lot of everything. Who tops this year's list? Check inside to find out!

Best Athlete
1. Cale Iorg (SS)
2. Tyler Gibson (OF)
3. Casey Crosby (LHP)
4. Avisail Garcia (OF)
5. Tyler Collins (OF)

There can be many criticisms about Iorg's performance on the field but there is unanimous belief among scouts that Iorg is the top overall athlete in the system. He has speed, strength, agility, balance, basically everything you look for in a premium level athlete.

Gibson is a very new addition to the Tigers system and he jumps right to the upper echelon of this list thanks to his supreme athleticism. Crosby was a legitimate two-sport star in high school and he has maintained that athleticism as a pro.

Garcia and Collins are both a step down from the three above them but offer plus to plus-plus athleticism with developing ability to apply that to the field of play.

Honorable Mention
Daniel Carranza (OF)
Wade Gaynor (3B)
Michael Rockiett (OF)

I could easily make a case for Carranza, Gaynor and Rockett to have made the back end of this list. Rockett stands out the most when you see him play, offering surprising strength and plus speed to go along with many other high caliber athletic attributes.

Projection Kings
Steven Fuentes (SS)

One of the Tigers earliest signings in the international signing period this year, Fuentes was the best athlete they signed out of Latin America this year and could develop into one of the premium athletes in the entire system as he approaches physical maturity.

Others Considered
Samuel Crafort
Alwin Delgado
Daniel Fields
Jared Gayhart
Justin Henry
Confesor Lara
P.J. Polk
Jacob Turner
Danry Vasquez
Brent Wyatt

There are probably numerous other players that could be listed in this area, but the players above stand out in at least one area of the pieces I consider essential to be considered a plus athlete. Of the group, guys like Fields, Lara, Crafort and Turner stand out the most.

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