Scouting Prince Fielder

It's not very often we here at scout guys with seven years of Major League experience, but with a move of this magnitude there didn't seem like a better time than now to give it a whirl. Inside we'll break Fielder down across the five traditional tools and give you a picture of what you might expect of him in Detroit.

An enormous human (5-11, 280), Fielder has surprising athleticism underneath all that girth. He is incredibly strong and has enough flexibility to keep his weight from hindering him in all parts of his game.

He takes an enormous hack every time he steps in the box with one of the most violent swings in the game. He generates elite level bat speed with the ability to get the bat to the ball with amazing speed. His swing rarely gets long, contrary to many massive power hitters. His violence and aggression at the plate leads to plenty of swing and miss but it is not as a result of poor hand-eye coordination or pitch recognition skills. He works counts very well and isn't afraid to hit with two strikes. In fact, he hardly changes his approach with two strikes and it hasn't limited his production. Fielder can be a bit streaky at times but by and large he is an above-average hitter. Grade – 60

Fielder has true top of the scale power with the ability to drive the ball out to any part of the park. Has the bat speed to match his power and also has plenty of loft and leverage in his swing. When he gets in a funk he can employ more of an uppercut but he adjusts quickly and is able to correct himself in short order. Grade – 80

Despite surprising athleticism for a guy his size, Fielder is a true bottom rung runner. You can be generous at times and give him only a well below-average grade when he gets underway, but generally speaking he's a 20-grade runner. He has a good feel for the game and knows his limitations, helping him avoid being a problem on the bases. Grade – 20

Fielder has improved his defensive ability over the years. Though he isn't the most nimble of men he does move pretty well around the bag and he has good footwork as he gets positioned to receive throws. He struggles picking throws at times, seemingly because he gets too early a start in his stretch. Some scouts will nit-pick his height but it hasn't been a huge problem thus far in his career. Grade – 50

Though his arm is underutilized at first base he will show arm strength that's a tick above-average. He can make all the throws necessary of a first baseman and he has good accuracy. Grade – 50

Even with the move to the tougher league and the larger ball park he will be playing half his home games in, it is hard to expect Fielder's performance to dip too much. He uses the whole field for much of his hitting and could take advantage of the large expanse of left and center fields. Much of his home run power comes to the pull side and a fair amount of Comerica Park's right field wall is shorter than that of Miller Park in Milwaukee.

With Fielder entering his theoretical physical peak and prime playing years and the likelihood that the new home park doesn't kill his offensive numbers, the expectations for Fielder should be through the roof. There is no reason not to expect a solid average, close to 100 walks, and a number approaching 40 for his home run total. The Tigers addition of Fielder is a massive offensive upgrade and gives them two complete monsters in the middle of the lineup.

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