TigsTown Q&A: 2nd Rd Pick Jake Thompson

The Tigers used their first pick in the 2012 MLB Draft to take high school pitcher Jake Thompson in the second round. The big power pitcher plans to forgo his commitment to TCU and sign with the Tigers. TigsTown chatted with Thompson about his experience.

TigsTown: What was your reaction to being drafted?

Jake Thompson: I was a little bit surprised. In the mock drafts, I wasn't predicted to go that high. It caught me off-guard. The Tigers, they didn't call me before they drafted me. (Third-round pick) Austin Schotts was the first one to tell me I was drafted by the Tigers.

TigsTown: Have you made a decision whether or not to sign? Where is that process at?

Thompson: I am going to sign. Meeting today (Sunday).

TigsTown: You mentioned being surprised how early you were drafted. I imagine that was a bit of a shock to you?

Thompson: I wasn't really shocked, but I was happy. It was a dream come true.

TigsTown: Your high school team won the Texas state championship recently. How was that experience?

Thompson: It was awesome. Our team had fallen a round short for the past two years, and my freshman year, we lost to the state champions. It was fun to finally get there and to win it.

TigsTown: What do you know about the Tigers? Being from Texas, do you know much about their history or anything?

Thompson: Not a whole lot. I know the team of late, and the organization, has been really good with young players. They have the best pitcher in the game right now in Verlander. They have a great manager. I just know it's a winning organization.

TigsTown: How would you describe yourself as a pitcher? What do you think are your best attributes and some things you need to work on?

Thompson: My best attribute is that I compete really hard. I don't just get up there and throw. I throw with a purpose. My swagger helps me a lot, and I have a really good, hard slider. Something I need to work on, I'd probably say a little bit better command with a lot of guys, commanding my changeup a bit better.

TigsTown: You were committed to TCU. What made you pick them?

Thompson: Their pitching coach. They've produced four or five big-time pitching prospects in the past few years and I really liked them and I had a connection.

TigsTown Growing up, who has helped you the most in getting you to where you are?

Thompson: Obviously my parents have done a lot for me. My high school coach has been really good with making sure I stay level-headed and keep working. I had another coach who was really helpful. He was an ex-minor league pitcher and taught me about the mentality you should have on the mound and not being afraid to throw wherever you want on the plate.

TigsTown: You mentioned you haven't signed yet, but do you have an idea when you're going to get started playing?

Thompson: I'm flying out of Austin on Tuesday. I think we're going to Lakeland.

Thank you to Jake Thompson for taking the time to answer our questions. Be sure to follow Thompson on Twitter at @jthomp15!

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