Tigers Sign 15 2012 Draft Picks

TigsTown has learned that the Tigers have come to terms with 15 players in last week's 2012 draft, including top picks Jake Thompson and Austin Schotts. Complete list of players, including bonuses for some, inside!

Below is the complete list of players that TigsTown has learned have signed a contract with the Tigers, with bonuses listed if available.

Round 2 (91): RHP Jake Thompson
Bonus: $531,800 (slot value)

Round 3 (121): OF Austin Schotts
Bonus: $389,100

Round 5 (184): LHP Joe Rogers
Bonus: $211,900

Round 10 (334): OF Charles Gillies

Round 11 (364): C Bennett Pickar

Round 12 (394): RHP Julio Felix

Round 15 (484): SS Jordan Dean

Round 17 (544): RHP William "Slade" Smith

Round 21 (664): LHP Alex Phillips

Round 24 (754): RHP Nicholas Carmichael

Round 25 (784): SS David Reaves

Round 28 (874): RHP Josh Carr

Round 29 (904): OF Zach Kirksey

Round 34 (1054): RHP Matt Davenport

Round 40 (1234): LHP Ryan Longstreth

This list is expected to grow quickly as more players arrive in camp, so stay close as TigsTown reports the latest draft signings!

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