TigsTown Q&A: 18th Rd Pick Dylan LaVelle

The Tigers have already signed their top two high school selections in Jake Thompson and Austin Schotts, but there are still other targets on the board, including 18th round pick infielder Dylan LaVelle. TigsTown talked with LaVelle about his future plans.

TigsTown: How did it feel to be drafted by the Tigers?

Dylan LaVelle: It felt amazing. Hearing my name, my heart skipped a beat. It was like "Wow, it's finally happened!"

TigsTown: Did you know the Tigers were in on you or were you expecting some other teams to call your name?

Dylan LaVelle: To be honest, they were kind of a surprise team. Before the draft, I was expecting to hear my name called by the hometown Mariners or the Boston Red Sox. I've actually never met the area scout face to face. I've never shaken his hand.

TigsTown: Now, did you know much about the Tigers organization coming in, or have you been diving in and trying to learn about the organization since draft day?

Dylan LaVelle: I have a friend that I played ball with, James Robbins, and I've talked to him several times. He said they're a classy organization and I couldn't have a better organization to be with. My Grandfather is a big Tigers fan. He's probably more excited than I am.

TigsTown: Do you have a college commitment?

Dylan LaVelle: I am committed to Oregon State.

TigsTown: Have you already decided whether or not you are going to sign or is that still up in the air?

Dylan LaVelle: That's still up in the air. I have wanted to play professional baseball since I was a little kid. Having this chance to fulfill my dream is something I'd like to look into. I haven't ruled out any options.

TigsTown: For those Tiger fans that don't know anything about you, can you describe yourself as a player?

Dylan LaVelle: I look at myself as being an all-out guy. I'm going to put 120% into everything I do. I'm a smart player. I don't make a lot of mental mistakes, but I will rush into a physical mistake because I play so hard.

TigsTown: As I understand it, you had some trouble with your shoulder this spring, is that correct?

Dylan LaVelle: Yes, I dislocated my left shoulder. It's feeling a lot better than when it originally happened.

TigsTown: Is it impacting your play still or are you just in a strengthening mode?

Dylan LaVelle: I'm still gaining strength. I'm done rehabbing, but I still do exercises every day.

TigsTown: I'll give you the final word. What do you want Tiger fans to take away from this interview?

Dylan LaVelle: I'd tell them that hopefully they get used to my face because they're going to see it for a while.

TigsTown would like to thank Dylan for taking time out of his schedule to speak with us. We wish him the best of luck with his upcoming negotiations and look forward to seeing him on the field in a Detroit Tiger uniform!

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