Toledo MLN: Up And Down, More Ways Than One

One minute they're up, and then they're down — the only thing about the Mud Hens that is consistent is their inconsistency. If they don't play well on the road, and they have the next to last home record in the division, when are they supposed to win?

Toledo managed to find two games they could turn positive during their week long road trip against Durham Bulls and the Norfolk Tides.

Spread out the offense

Toledo's offense proved they could hit the ball Tuesday night when they posted 15 hits, which led to six-of-the-nine batters having a multiple hit night.

When the Hens are hot, they're hot.

Rob Brantly sought opportunity fast with a double that led to two runs in the first, then they tacked on three in the second, capitalizing on the Bulls with a 5-0 lead.

Brad Elded smoked his 24th home run of the season, as he continues to lead the International League in home runs.

Andy Oliver held Durham to two runs through 6.2 innings of work

The Mud Hens' offense was spot on, on Tuesday in their 8-3 victory, but they couldn't carry it over to the next game.

Even with Adam Wilk on the mound for another complete game, Toledo's offense fell short in their series opener against Norfolk, losing 3-2.

Every peak has a valley

During the Mud Hens series against the Tides, the Hens peaked in the middle of the series to avoid the sweep with a 3-2 win on Friday night.

It wasn't the lack of offense that led Toledo to their victory, but it was the pitcher, Jacob Turner who propelled the team to their 30th win on the season.

Turner gave up one earned run and four hits over six innings.

The downside, because it has been proven that there usually is one, was they couldn't close out the series or their road trip on a positive note.

While the Mud Hens looked as if they were in for a change, with a solid effort on Saturday, ultimately they lost both weekend games, en route to their third place standing in the division.

Toledo showed promise on Saturday when they tied up the game at five and took it into extra innings, but it was nothing short of typical when they lost 6-5 in the tenth. Sunday the Mud Hens were back to their normal selves with a 6-1 loss in the finale of their series against the Tides.

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