Tigers Awarded Pick In Competitive Lottery

The Tigers were awarded the sixth pick in Round B in the Competitive Balance Lottery on Wednesday. The pick will come after the second round of the 2013 draft and is eligible to be traded this year.

While it seems odd that the high-spending Tigers are in a lottery about "competitive balance," they were eligible because they received some revenue sharing money last year and are just outside the top 15 markets.

The Tigers weren't among the 13 teams eligible for the six extra picks after the compensation picks following the first round. The seven teams that didn't win a pick after the first round were eligible for six picks after the second, along with teams that are outside the top 15 markets and receive revenue sharing money. The Tigers were the only team to qualify under that provision.

While the draft order isn't finalized, the pick will be around 75th overall. For comparison's sake, Jake Thompson was the Tigers top selection in 2012 and was the 91st overall pick, while in 2011, James McCann was the top selection at 76th overall.

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