Toledo MLN: Hens Rip Off Five Straight Wins

People probably wouldn't believe it if I said the Toledo Mud Hens were on a five game winning streak heading into their 11 game road trip and the heart of August, but that's exactly what has happened over the last week in Toledo.

Series Split

After four straight losses at home in the month of August, the Mud Hens added two more in their first away series against Durham.

It was a short outing for Drew Smyly, the started on the mound Monday, who pitched just 3.2 innings giving up three runs on four hits, despite his five strikeouts.

This 4-2 loss came just the day after the Mud Hens and Bats went the distance in a 19 inning series opener where the Mud Hens weren't so lucky, losing 10-9.

Recovering in the ladder half, the Mud Hens settled for a split, but picked up two consecutive wins, which was something they have struggled to do all season.

It was home run-hitting that propelled the Mud Hens. Their ability to play long ball has put the majority of the runs they haven't been able to score in past games on the board.

Sweeping and Streaking

Toledo's luck didn't run out as quickly as it usually does.

Their motivation carried them through three more games, where they dominated and added to the win column each time.

Their Friday match-up against Durham was postponed, so the Mud Hens and Bulls played a double header on Saturday and the Mud Hens boldly won both games — the first one 7-2 and the second one, 4-2.

A rainy Friday induced a double header Saturday, where the Mud Hens had to finish out their first game in order to play their regular scheduled game.

In both games it was the offense that was the star of the night.

In game one Jerad Head locked in the win with a two-run home run in a big fifth inning for the Mud Hens while in the second game the Hens had to come from behind as former Hen Will Rhymes did the same thing in game two to take the lead early on in the second inning, but Toledo rebounded with four runs of their own, including the go-ahead runs via a two-run triple from Ben Guez.

It was Sunday that sealed the deal and solidified the Mud Hens much needed sweep since the beginning of the season.

Don Kelly was the spark the offense needed to sweep the Bats and after his recent demotion from the Detroit Tigers, he had no problem smashing a two run shot to take the lead over Louisville.

Their win streak is the longest this year, their last being a four game win streak in April.

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