Toledo MLN: Keeping Things Close

The Mud Hens had a productive week of baseball winning four of their seven games. The games they lost were one run games except for Thursdays contest against Syracuse.

First time for everything

Monday marked a lot for the Toledo Mud Hens. The win over the Durham Bulls was their sixth consecutive win and it was the first time they swept a team in front of a home crowd.

The 7-5 game was a struggle for the Mud Hens after the Bulls scored five runs in the first three innings.

Adam Wilk couldn't hang on as he gave up five runs on five Durham hits, but Audy Ciriaco added an error to the mix on a missed catch, causing only one of runs to be earned.

Despite the rough start, the Mud Hens chipped away at the deficit with two runs in the bottom of the third and two in the fifth.

The game was all tied up after seven innings. It came down to a double off the bat of Brad Davis that scored the deciding two runs.

That was close

Toledo's series against Syracuse wasn't as lucky as the one they played against Durham. They dropped two games that were differenced by one run, but they managed to hang on to split the series.

Casey Crosby's pitching performance in the first game of Wednesday's double header was near perfect until the Chiefs homered. In six innings of work he gave up the homerun, walked one, and struck out four.

In game two the Mud Hens rallied back from yet another deficit and won 4-3.

Syracuse started the game off leading 2-0, but the Mud Hens had them beat in the fourth inning.

Cale Long doubled in a run and Jerad Head continued his offensive production and singled in two more to take the game.

Zach Miner earned his second save after he came in the game in the ninth. He surrendered a run, but it didn't matter after out number three.

Home run derby

The Mud Hens offense kicked in to high gear on Friday in their 6-2 win over Syracuse.

Both Justin Henry and Danny Dorn sent balls sailing over the outfield walls and John Lindsey, Ben Guez and Bryan Holaday all contributed with RBI's to help solidify their win.

Henry was 3-for-5 on the night.

With the help of reliever Luis Marte in the pitching department, the Mud Hens sailed into victory. He struck out six out of seven batters that he faced.

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