2012 Toledo Mud Hens Season in Review

There is always a chance their farm team will struggle — unfortunately for the Toledo Mud Hens, this statement proved to be true this season. The Mud Hens were inconsistent to say the least as the roster was always in flux due to the demands of the big league club and finished with a season record of 60-84.

Their win percentage of 0.417 was mediocre and it landed them in third place of the International League West Division and 29 games out of first place, which was a uncontested race and taken by the Indianapolis Indians.


Leading the team on the mound this year for the Mud Hens was Adam Wilk. He and Thad Weber tied for the most wins with seven and losses with 11, but the difference is Wilk pitched a total of 149 innings this season compared to Weber's 128 innings.

An even bigger difference between Wilk and Weber was their ERA for the season. While spending the majority of time on the mound for the Mud Hens, Wilk managed to keep an ERA of 2.77 compared to Weber's ERA, which was almost doubled at 4.20.

Wilk kept the homerun hitters fairly quiet this season, considering he only gave up 13 over 144 games. Weber was quite the opposite, having given up the highest number of homeruns for any Mud Hens pitcher with 16.

Weber also had the highest number of hit batters. He topped the charts at six for the Toledo pitchers while Wilk played 149 innings without hitting a single batter.


Everything had to be on point for the Mud Hens to win a game that included their hitting.

Justin Henry proved himself this season with leading the team offensively for the Mud Hens. He ended the season with by far the most hits, 143, which is good for a .300 average.

The only Mud Hen that came close to Henry's explosive bat was Danny Dorn with 99 hits and a batting average of .252.

There might have been a difference in the number of hits between the two offensive stars, but another difference to take into account is the number of homeruns and RBI's they collected.

While Henry had the most hits, he only hit one homerun all season, on the other end of the spectrum lays Dorn, who connected for 14 homeruns in the 116 games he played in. In addition to that, he led the team with 49 RBI's.

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