2012 TigsTools: Best Power

In baseball, power is sexy. In baseball, power gets you paid a lot of money. Power is one of the most awe-inspiring tools a player can have. Looking at this year's list, the Tigers system has a few guys with tremendous raw power, including the player that returns to the top spot on the list. Check inside for all the details!

Best Power
1. Steven Moya (OF)
2. James Robbins (1B)
3. Dean Green (1B)
4. Aaron Westlake (1B)
5. Nick Castellanos (OF)

I respect the power of guys like James Robbins, Dean Green and Aaron Westlake, but Steven Moya is in a class by himself. His raw scores will earn top of the scale grades from scouts, and the in-game utility of that power continues to improve as he gains more experience in pro ball. Moya has a chance to blast 30+ home runs a year if everything in his offensive arsenal comes together.

Robbins, Green and Westlake are all very similar in terms of their power. They all have longer swings with plenty of strength and power to all fields. Green is the most polished hitter of the three and as a result, his power plays in game situations more frequently.

Castellanos' inclusion on this list may surprise some, but he has tons of bat speed and natural strength, allowing him to drive the ball with ease, particularly to the right-center field gap.

Honorable Mention
Jason King
Jordan Lennerton
Tony Plagman

All veteran college players, these three are big, strong guys with leveraged swings that can blast the ball. King and Lennerton have the ability to drive the ball to all fields, while Plagman is more of a pull-power guy. None of them have huge power projection at the big league level because of their longer, slower swings, but all three have above-average to plus pop.

Projection Kings
Avisail Garcia
Danry Vasquez
Tyler Gibson

Avisail Garcia's power is evident in every batting practice session but doesn't always translate to games. In the past, his power was sapped by an over-aggressive approach, but now he simply has to learn to attack balls with a hard swing that allows his strength to be unlocked. Garcia could have easy plus power down the line.

Vasquez has been dubbed "Skeletor" by his teammates because of his rail-thin frame, and while he shows easy over-the-fence power in batting practice, his ability to drive the ball in games is not always present. He has the projection for plus power but it could take a very long time to manifest.

Gibson is a physical specimen with tremendous raw, but an extremely poor approach that inhibits his ability to drive the ball.

Others Considered
Tyler Collins
Wade Gaynor
James McCann

Collins has more doubles power than home-run power, but he could blast 15-18 home runs at the big league level, leaving him with average pop.

Wade Gaynor has impressive batting practice power and shows the potential for average power in games, but he lacks natural hitting ability and that hinders his power from shining through.

McCann represents an intriguing player, owning a long swing with tons of strength. He can drive the ball to all fields but struggles with good velocity and breaking pitches, hindering his ability to hit for power in games.

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